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AerobTec Altis Telemetry Recording Altimeter with GPS


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AerobTec Telemetry Recording Altimeter with GPS
The AerobTec Altis GPS is a telemetry and recording device with integrated GPS receiver and barometric altimeter. It is designed specially to record the altitude and the coordinates of the R/C model during its flight with telemetry support.

Upgradeable: Via USB PC Interface
Sample Time/Memory: 0.1-25.5s, 3.9MB (9 hours)
Operational Voltage: 4V to 12.6V
Dimensions: 29mm x 22mm x 11mm
Weight: 9g

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (.pdf)
The Altis GPS uses a GPS receiver with a built-in antenna. Unit is able to get a fix in less than 35 seconds in the case of cold or warm start. In the case of hot start the required time reduces to less than 1 second. The location accuracy of the unit is smaller than 2.5m and the speed accuracy is lower than 0.1 m/s. These values are reported for open space. In order to improve the resolution of altitude and vario measurements, Altis GPS is also equipped with fast modern digital pressure sensor. This sensor enables to sense very small pressure differences. This gives the unit an altitude resolution below 0.5m with sample rates as low as 0.1s. Since the atmospheric pressure changes over time, these changes will affect your measurements. For this reason, long term measurements may not be precise enough. However, the altitude of short term flights, which are typical for R/C aircrafts, can be recorded very precisely. The measured parameters is stored in the high capacity internal memory which allows approx. 9 hours of recording with the fastest sampling rate (0.1s).

Recorded flights can be later analyzed in Altis Flight Manager PC application. User can view data in Graph view mode or in Map/Earth mode.

AerobTec Telemetry Recording Altimeter with GPS

AerobTec Telemetry Recording Altimeter with GPS

AerobTec Telemetry Recording Altimeter with GPS


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