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AerobTec Competition Recording Altimeter Switch Altis V4+ (FAI F5J)

Part: AERTV4Plus

Price: $79.00
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Soaring Circuits Recording Altimeter RAM 3 BatterySoaring Circuits Recording Altimeter RAM 3 BatterySoaring Circuits Recording Altimeter RAM 3 Battery
The AerobTec Altis V4+ is new version of Altis V4. It introduces new sensor, OLED display and other improvements. The AerobTec Altis V4+ is a barometric altimeter designed especially to record altitude of flying R/C aircraft with additional competition functionality, integrated OLED display and additional telemetry functionality.

These functions are based on rules of F5J FAI and Altitude limiting competitions such as ALES, FxJ or LMR. It has very small dimensions and a low weight. The supplied application Altis Flight Manager cannot only read the information from the device and save it to the computer in various formats but it can display it in an advanced graph and process the flight information in many ways

Another great benefit is its ability to interface with Jeti Duplex, Graupner HOTT, Futaba S.Bus2, FrSky and Multiplex M-Link 2.4GHz receivers to give real time altitude telemetry. Despite these very powerful features the Altis V4 is very small and light.

The Altis Flight Manager software is used to download the logged data onto a PC, to display and analyze it, and to save it in various formats. Please go to the Aerobtec Altis V4 page to download the flight manager software and firmware updates. Note the software is NOT included in the package, and must be downloaded by the customer. Also the Micro USB to USB cable and telemetry cable are not included in the product, and need to be purchased, if required.

Functions: Altimeter, Thermometer, Altitude Switch, Telemetry
Upgradeable: Via USB PC Interface
Telemetry Support: Jeti Duplex, Multiplex M-Link, Graupner HOTT, Futaba S.Bus2, FrSky
Operational Voltage: 4V to 12.6V
Dimensions: 33mm x 20mm x 6.5mm
Weight: 8g w/Cable
Calibration: No user calibration required
Memory: Over 15 hours at the 0.1 second sample interval
Sample Rates: Adjustable from 0.1 to 25.5 seconds per sample

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (.pdf)
* Click Here for Firmware Updates

Altis V4 Flight Manager Software
Soaring Circuits Recording Altimeter RAM 3 Battery


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Product Reviews:

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Great Altimeter - Great tech support
Steve Lester (Lisle, IL) 5/22/2016 2:39 PM
I actually bought this twice and canceled the first order because I was told it would not work on a 450 class electric helicopter. Then I reached out to James at the Esprit Tech Support, which is what I should've done the first time. I took his great advice and bought it again. I attached the connectors between the ESC and the receiver and I placed the unit in a standard SD case and mounted it with servo tape on the side of the frame. I wish I could put a picture on here so you could see it. It works great!!! The rotor wash and ground effect does not affect the readings. Without the SD case it does. So if anyone tells you it won't work with an electric helicopter tell them that it works fine. You just need a little container to put the altimeter in. This little unit is the best on the market. You can actually read it when you're outside. It has many options and the software that you'll need to download works great. I seriously recommend that you buy it!