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Anniversary 12th

Align T-Rex 500E Pro DFC Super Combo

Part: RH50E01X

List: $904.99
Price: MAP Pricing $724.00
In Stock: 1

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Rotor Diameter:
39" (978mm)
Tail Rotor:
8.0" (206mm)
2.66 lbs. (1210g)
7 channels
Align 500MX
TP2700 6S

The NEW Align's 500 Pro DFC Super Combo combines all of what Align has learned into one super combo. The T-Rex 500E Super Combo continues the Align quality standard in giving pilots enormous control in both precision flying as well as 3D maneuverability. The NEW T-Rex 500 Pro DFC Super Combo offers unmatched value.

Align helicopters literally sets a new standard in both quality and price.

Special Features:

  • New style 500 rotor head, with 3 sets of positive/negative deltas and numerous Bell/Hiller mixing ratios
  • Unique carbon composite technology which effectively strengthen the weak areas and simplify electronics installation
  • Servos can be mounted directly onto frame without mounting nuts
  • Uses high precision slant tooth (helical) main gear, with higher load sustainability and lower noise output
  • Newly designed dual bearinged tail blade grips for zero slop rudder control precision and ultimate tail locking performance
  • Equipped with MX series high efficiency brushless motor, with heatsink style casing and embedded fan to dramatically improve cooling and increase power output
  • Highly efficient shaft driven tail system which effectively reduce power loss found on belt driven system, and at the same time increase performance during flight
  • Brand new 4mm carbon rudder control rod and metal rudder pitch bell crank to further improve the rudder locking effect and controllability
  • New style lower CG landing gear
  • Newly styled aerodynamically canopy for the ultimate fit, making the helicopter stand out

  • Length: 868mm
  • Height: 275mm
  • Main blade length: 425mm
  • Main rotor diameter: 978mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 206mm
  • Motor pinion gear: 12T/13T
  • Main drive gear: 134T
  • Autorotation tail drive gear: 145T
  • Tail drive gear: 36T
  • Drive gear ratio: 1:11.17:4.03
  • Empty weight: 1210g
  • Flying weight: 1700g

Included Accessories:
(1) T-Rex 500 Pro DFC Kit
(1) 425mm Carbon Fiber Blades
(1) Align RCE-BL70G ESC (w/5-6V step-less adjustable BEC)
(1) Align 500MX Motor (1600Kv)
(3) DS515M Servos
(1) DS525 Servo
(1) 3GX Flybarless System

All of our recommended power setups are designed to best of our knowledge. We have successfully flown all of them. But as with everything else in the R/C helicopter world, all of these can and will eventually be changed and improved. Please carefully consider everything before making any changes to our recommendations. Even slight adjustments: (a new gyro or different type of main blades) WILL effect final result. Remember: If you need us, we are always only phone call or email away.

T-Rex 500 Pro DFC Super Combo Setup Suggestions:
Swash Servos (3) Stock MKS Ds9660A+
Tail Servo Stock MKS Ds8910A+
Battery TP2700 6S TP2700 6S
Motor Stock Scorpion HK 3226-1600
ESC Stock Jeti Mezon 120 8S
Gyro Stock BavarianDEMON 3SX
Pinion Stock 12T
Main Blades Stock Edge 423 CF FBL

Suggested Equipment:
(3) MKS Ds9660A+ servo
(1) MKS Ds8910A+ servo
(1) TP2700 6S battery
(1) Scorpion HK 3226-1600 motor
(1) Jeti Mezon 120 8S ESC
(1) BavarianDEMON 3SX flybarless system
(1) Edge 423 CF FBL main blades


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