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Eagle Tree Altitude Micro Sensor V4 (Altimeter)


Price: $35.00
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New Eagle Tree Altitude MicroSensor V4 works in two modes. Standalone with no additional equipment required, as well revving up your E-Logger and Power Panel LCD for full data logging. For standalone mode, simply plug the sensors into a spare receiver channel or small battery (3 - 16V) and fly your model. Then, when you land, your maximum altitude will display on the built-in 7 segment LED. For example, if you flew to 281 feet, the unit will display (2-8-1) repeatedly. No configuration, additional equipment, or computer required!

This precision instrument use pressure differential to measure Altitude.

- Approximately 1 foot (0.3 meter) Resolution
- Pre-calibrated, no Calibration Required
- Advanced Temperature Compensation
- Selectable Metric or English units

More information (links):
* Altitude Sensor Instruction Manual (.pdf)


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