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AstroFlight Super Whattmeter 101 (60V/100A/6000W)

Part: ASTP0101

Price: $59.00
In Stock: 1
AstroFlight Super Whattmeter 101 (60V/100A/6000W) The AstroFlight Model 101 Whatt Meter is designed for in-line monitoring of Volts, Amps, Watts, and Capacity.

Contains three digital microprocessors, 2.5V reference, 5V power supply and a precision current amplifier. The meters contain no battery. It's powered from the voltage source and absorbs about 17mA. The meter will turn on at 4V and will measure any DC voltage up to 60V.

- Current Display Range: 0.1A - 100A
- Voltage Display Range: 1V - 60V
- Power Display: 6000W
- Battery Capacity: up to 9999mAh


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