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Anniversary 12th

BB Aluminum Spinners for Folding Propellers

Price: From $16.00 to $28.00
BB Aluminum Spinners for Folding Propellers
BB Aluminum Spinners for Folding Propellers
Folding Spinner Size Diam. Shaft Yoke
BB Folding Alum  50/6/8 50mm 6mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  50/5/8 50mm 5mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  50/4/8 50mm 4mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  45/6/8 45mm 6mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  45/5/8 45mm 5mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  45/4/8 45mm 4mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  45/3.2/8 45mm 3.2mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  45/3/8 45mm 3mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  42/6/8 42mm 6mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  42/5/8 42mm 5mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  42/4/8 42mm 4mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  40/6/8 40mm 6mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  40/5/8 40mm 5mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  40/4/8 40mm 4mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  38/6/8 38mm 6mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  38/5/8 38mm 5mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  38/4/8 38mm 4mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  36/6/8 36mm 6mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  36/5/8 36mm 5mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  36/4/8 36mm 4mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  36/3/8 36mm 3mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  34/4/8 34mm 4mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  34/3.2/8 34mm 3.2mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  34/3/8 34mm 3mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  30/5/8 30mm 5mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  30/4/8 30mm 4mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  30/3.2/8 30mm 3.2mm 8mm
BB Folding Alum  30/3/8 30mm 3mm 8mm

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Added Benefit
Mark Latanzi (Lancaster, CA) 2/6/2014 2:42 AM
After using these spinners for two years I discovered an added bonus, these spinners actually work like heat sinks for the motor helping cool things down. I have seen crashes when the only thing on the plane not destroyed was this sweet little spinner. Money well spent.
Well built & spins true.
Scott Whitney (Sun City Center, FL) 12/28/2013 12:54 AM
using a 40/4/8 on a 2-meter glider. This spinner is well built and light weight. I will purchase another for my next model. Be sure to check the diameter of your motor shaft and order the correct spinner as collets are not sold separately.
Great for Radian
James Russell (Woodside, CA) 12/18/2013 11:10 AM
This spinner is much stronger than the plastic oem Parkzone spinner. It weighs 1/2 of the nylon Multiplex spinner. The only draw back is that is about 1mm smaller than the cowling of the Radian. However, the props still lays down flat and the spinner works fine with the oem motor. If you consider this you might also consider upgrading to an 11x6 folding prop, I like the Aeronaut cam brand.
Awesome spinner
James Guillen (Miami, FL) 11/14/2013 9:44 PM
The best thing to have when it comes to hotliners or pylon racers. It'll save allot on prop replacements.
Best Upgrade for your Radian
Mark Latanzi (Lancaster, CA) 12/24/2012 11:36 PM
The stock spinner and prop on my Parkzone Radians were constantly breaking off and very dangerous. This makes the plane actually respond quicker, run smoother, and last a long long time!