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BVM Release Air EZ-Drop

Part: BVM2187

Price: $40.00
In Stock: 1
To compliment our mechanical powered EZ-Hanger, we also offer this similar device intended to ease the mounting and removal of external stores by simply using your model's retract system. Tanks, bombs and missiles really add to the "presence" and "scale realism" of jet or warbird models whether they be on static display or in action over +150 mph (240 km/h) speeds.

EZ-Drop fits into the same size opening and utilizes the same bolt pattern as the pneumatic powered EZ-Hanger, they are fully interchangeable. (Use with BVM Air Button Valve #5345)

Length: 2 7/8" (73mm)
Width: 3/8" (9mm)

Radio Release:
EZ-Drop release simplifies the mounting and releasing of external stores without using a dedicated radio channel or servos. It operates via a single air line from the model's retract system. Simply use the snap roll button to command a slight over travel on the retract system valve, and the tanks or bombs release instantly.

Selected Release:
Since you can carry two or more bombs, it is desirable to make two separate target attacks to better our chances of getting close to the bullseye. This simple two valve setup will allow you to select (knob on transmitter) and release one bomb at a time. Dial left for the left bomb, dial right for the right bomb, then use over travel on the Aux channel to activate it with the snap roll button for an instantaneous bomb release.

Manual Loading:
Loading and unloading is super fast and easy and does not require tools. Simply pull for hand operated, spring loaded toggle on the side of the pylon to install or remove your armaments.


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