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Castle Creations Voltage Regulator 20A Pro

Part: CCBEC20A

Price: $35.00
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Castle Creation Voltage Regulator 20A Pro
BEC Castle Creation BEC 20A Pro
Manufacturer Castle Creation
Type Switching Regulator
Max Input Voltage 50V
Min Input Voltage 5V
Output Voltage 4.8-12.5V Adjustable
Output Current 10A Continues/20A Peak
Dimensions 43mm x 33mm x 24mm
Weight 30g
Max #Servos 10-15 Analog, 8-12 Digital
Connector Universal JR/Hitec/Futaba
Applications Airplanes/Helicopters

The Castle Creation BEC is a state of the art switch mode regulator specifically designed to meet the need of R/C electric flyers. No more separate, heavy receiver battery pack, no more checking and installing complicated equipment, simple plug to your receiver and you are good to go.

Many people do not realize that their ESC's BEC rating is misleading. With the linear BEC built into most speed controls, the current rating decreases as pack voltage increases. For example, several popular 25A ESCs with "3A" BECs are only capable of supplying 0.5A when running from a 3S pack.

For best results, ensure that the all BECs are installed at least 2" (50mm) away from your receiver and antenna.

Castle Creation Voltage Regulator 20A Pro

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