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DH.100 Vampire EDF90 (ARF) Super Scale

Part: JAR100

Price: $995.00
Coming Soon
DH.100 Vampire EDF90
DH.100 Vampire EDF90DH.100 Vampire EDF90
DH.100 Vampire EDF90DH.100 Vampire EDF90
DH.100 Vampire EDF90DH.100 Vampire EDF90DH.100 Vampire EDF90DH.100 Vampire EDF90
57" (1450mm)
47.75" (1210mm)
6.75-7.5 lbs. (3100-3405g)
Good: WM Midi/Neu 1415/1Y
Better: EDF StuMax SM89-45DF
EM3700 6S/8S
The de Havilland DH.100 Vampire was a British jet-engine fighter. It was commissioned by the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, and was the second jet fighter to enter service with the RAF, after the pioneering Gloster Meteor. Although it arrived too late to see combat during the war, it served with front line RAF squadrons until 1955, and continued in use as a trainer until 1966. It also served with many air forces worldwide, and set several aviation firsts and records. Almost 3,300 Vampires were built, a quarter of them under license in other countries. The Vampire was a versatile aircraft, setting many aviation firsts and records, being the first RAF fighter with a top speed exceeding 500 mph (800 km/h). On 4 December 1945, a Sea Vampire piloted by Captain Eric "Winkle" Brown became the first aircraft to perform an intentional and planned jet-powered landing on an aircraft carrier and execute a jet-powered takeoff. The Vampire design was also developed into the de Havilland Venom fighter-bomber as well as naval Sea Vampire variants. Size of this model was very carefully planned, so that you can fly with the performance of the real big guys, but can stay with smaller inexpensive fan, smaller battery and smaller motor, which saves you serious money on the one hand, and converts the power of these just slightly smaller components into breathtaking flight performance. Vampire was designed from ground up as a very lightweight, gel-coated, full-composite structure, with features similar to a world class F3A-Pattern airplanes. Lightest lay-ups, perfectly engineered aerodynamics and structural reinforcements only where they are needed; the Vampire is perfectly suited for electric ducted fan flying (EDF).

The airplane's geometry and airfoils are designed for a very wide speed range at minimum drag, allowing fast fly-bys as well as precise aerobatics. Landing speeds are very low, due to the airfoil design and very low wing loading.

Special Features:
- Control surfaces: Ailerons, Elevator and Flaps (Optional)
- Ready for wide variety inexpensive batteries 6S - 8S
- Step-by-Step instruction manual
- Fully painted fiberglass fuselage, wings and tail parts
- Removable tail surfaces with airfoils
- Single piece fuselage/wing for compact transit and storage
- Live hinged all control surfaces
- Removable bottom fuselage EDF hatch
- No turbine waiver needed, minimum support equipment necessary
- No liquid fuel to saturate the inside of your model
- 160 mph (260 km/h) performance

More information (links):
* Sport RC Flyer Review
* Building Instructions
* Servo and Motor Installation w/Optional Flaps

Magazine Review
DH.100 Vampire EDF90

Wing area
Wing loading
Empty weight
: 600
: 26-29 oz/sq.ft.
: 38 oz. (1085g)

D.H.100 Vampire EDF90 - 221MB

Flash Video:

Suggested Equipment:
(1) EDF StuMax SM89-45DF w/HET 700-68-1125 Fan
(2) EM3700 8S battery (4S + 4S)
(1) Jeti Spin Pro 77 Opto ESC
(3) HS-5085MG (ailerons, elevator)
(1) Electric retract tricycle 25-46 Size
(1) HS-85MG (front steering)
(2) Deans connector
(3) 12" Servo extension
(1) Pilot Jet Vampire
(1) Decal Sheet
(1) Velcro strap (Esprit)

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