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DLG Building Clinic DVD


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DLG Building Clinic DVD
Watch as expert Paul Naton shows you tips and techniques you can learn to build any DLG/HLG better, lighter and highly reliable.

- Low-Voltage & High Voltage Power Systems
- Latest Assembly Techniques
- Pull-Spring Elevator & Rudder Set Ups
- Light Wiring Techniques
- Torque Rod Flaperon Assembly
- T-Blade Peg Installs
The DLG Build Clinic training video will teach you about the gear, techniques and skills required to assemble, build, prepare, and flight-test the latest generation of discus-launch F3K handlaunch gliders.

A lot has changed in the DLG world since the original HLG Build Clinic and HLG Tech Lab training videos were released so Radio Carbon art has produced this entirely new training program so you can learn to make the right decisions on what new gear to buy, how to install it correctly, and learn the latest's assembly and preparation skills that these new DLG's require.

You'll see every step of the process to build out a new Vlaimir Models Snipe, a break-thru DLG design by Joe Wurts, with the latest gear available. This innovative plane is already influencing current DLG designs with features like a super-light spread-tow carbon wing with a foam core, all servos mounted on a fuselage keel, a torque rod flaperon system eliminating wing mounted servos and wiring, and a flying weight sub 8oz. or 220 grams.

You'll also learn how to choose the right servos, both standard and the new high voltage digitals, how to decide what battery set up to run, install digital on-off switches, save wiring weight, install and orient 2.4 receiver antennas properly, and how to build the most reliable high performance glider possible. Paul also covers 1S lipo battery systems, a basic radio set up, and tips on how to save weight..

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