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Eagle Tree Vector Flight Controller with Video On-Screen Display (OSD)

Price: $238.00
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Years in the making, and built from the ground up with simplicity in mind, the Vector has everything we hobbyists have dreamed about for our recreational FPV models, in one small, lightweight easy to use product.

Full Color OSD
The Vector's built-in OSD provides smooth, razor sharp color graphics, and all the colors are fully adjustable. Nearly all of the Vector's parameters can be displayed in 3 ways; numeric, gauge, or swatch. Numeric offers programmable flashing color alarms. Gauge mode allows you to set up parameters to be displayed in gauge format, with programmable color thresholds. The swatch option allows you to set up a simple color square with programmable color changes, to easily see when a parameter needs your attention.

No Camera operation: If your camera fails in flight, the OSD continues to operate in "no camera" mode. This is also handy if you want to configure the Vector via your radio, but don't have a camera connected.

Voice alerts: The Vector can speak flight information to you periodically, or on programmed alarms.

Variometers: The Vector is the first OSD to provide a charting graphical as well as acoustical tone variometers. The variometers are fully programmable to suit your taste.

RSSI: The Vector supports 4 types of RSSI; Analog, PCM, Spektrum, and Virtual SPPM RSSI.

Fast, easy controls and menus: The Vector utilizes switch "gestures" and your control stick to let you rapidly scroll through menus and change parameters. All OSD parameters can be configured via the stick menus.

Flash Video:

Flight Controller
Utilizing our proven Guardian technology, the Vector's built-in, full featured flight controller is equally at home with both fixed wing and multirotor aircraft. And, since the controller is fully integrated with the OSD, everything can be adjusted via the onscreen menus, rather than needing to drag a laptop or other device to the field. You can even move the Vector back and forth between your fixed wing and your multirotor at the field, with no PC configuration needed!

Flight Modes: Numerous flight modes are available, and are easily selectable via one or more switches on your radio:
- 2D: multirotor or fixed wing leveling with or without altitude and heading hold
- 3D: direct rate 3D with or without heading lock (for 3D flight) and programmable pitch, roll and yaw direct rates

Support for GPS Modes: Support for several GPS modes such as Return to Home (RTH), Geofence, Loiter, Cartesian, and Polar.

Radio Control Interface
The Vector's receiver input harness with labeled connectors makes it easy to connect to any receiver. Support for 3 Types of RC inputs:
Standard/PCM: the Vector's labeled servo connectors just plug into the appropriate receiver channels
SPPM and S-BUS: a single cable connects to your SPPM or Futaba compatible S.BUS outputs, for reduced wiring and more flexibility. The PC software lets you fully customize the meanings of up to 8 serial channels, making it easy to support a variety of OSD features. The Vector's flight modes are easily accessed via a 2 or 3 position mode switch on your radio. Further, a submode switch can be configured to allow more modes to be easily selected during flight. The meaning of each switch position is easily programmable via the Vector's menus.

Current Sensor with Integrated Power Supply Unit (PSU)
Tired of using multiple batteries, LC filters, BECs, etc.? The Vector's current sensor/PSU makes it super easy to power your equipment. The current sensor is available with Deans, XT60, or wire leads. The high efficiency, low noise PSU accepts up to 6S voltage input, and provides filtered 12V and 5V output at 1.5A max per channel. It's perfect for powering most FPV gear, and also powers your receiver on multirotors with opto ESCs, eliminating the need for an external BEC. Note that the 12V regulator does NOT boost the voltage, like a SEPIC. However, the Vector's 12V PSU has a unique Low Voltage Loss feature that drops the regulators output by only about 0.5V if you are using a 3S pack operating below 12.5V. For example, if your 3S pack is at 11.5V, the regulator outputs about 11V. Other non-boost switching regulators typically drop the output voltage by 1.3V or more. In addition, SEPIC and other voltage boost regulators are generally much less efficient and generate much more UHF band noise, and in many cases you dont need one. All known cameras and many transmitters will operate well across the 3S voltage range. Check your transmitter manuals specs to determine this. If your transmitter does need a boost when operating at the lower end of 3S, a JST equipped boost regulator can easily be connected into the Vector's AV harness without needing to cut wires.

Wiring Made Simple
The Vector's filtered PSU and innovative wiring harness makes it easy to connect your 5V or 12V cameras and transmitters without keeping an electrician on standby. If your camera and transmitter have servo style connectors already, you just need to plug them into the labeled plugs, select the appropriate voltages, and away you go. And, If you prefer to use 2 or even 3 flight batteries, additional filters, voltage boosters, etc., thats trivial to do without needing to do any rewiring. The harness also makes it easy to move the Vector from model to model without removing all of the wiring as well.

Powerful PC Setup Software
Want to configure your Vector via your PC or laptop? Our powerful PC software and the Vector's USB interface make this easy. Drag and drop screen setup lets you see how the display will look as you configure it. Configuration files let you easily move your Vector from model to model without needing to reconfigure everything. Tabs for visualizing GPS flight data, manual waypoint management[This is going to raise some eyebrows. We should be clear that these are only *reference* waypoints and do not connect to any navigation functionality at this time], and many others make it quick and simple to fully utilize your Vector.

Data Logging and Telemetry
Of course, the Vector fully supports data logging of sensor and GPS parameters via internal storage, and our PC software lets you display, graph, visualize and save the data. Variable logging rates and advanced logging triggers are supported. The Vector also embeds real-time telemetry in the video signal for use with the EagleEyes ground station. Further, the Vector's UART port is compatible with open source telemetry transmitters and other hardware. We plan on supporting the UART interface with a variety of telemetry related features in the future.

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