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Price: From $1,395.00 to $1,595.00
Electric Ducted Fan EDF BVM VioFan
Manufacturer BVM Jets
Power Input (W) 4000-6400
Fan Swept Area 90.45
Static Thrust (lbs./g) 14-20/6350-9080
Max Efficiency 78%
Max Rpm 35,000
Shroud Diameter 125mm
Inside Diameter 119mm
Shroud Length 100mm
Overall Length 290mm
EDF Material CF Filled Nylon
Rotor Type/Material 9 Blade/CF Filled Nylon
Ducted Fan Weight 365g
Motor Diameter 40mm
Motor Shaft 8mm

Model Type Model Name Motor Controller Battery Pack Trust/Power/A
EDF 120/4000W BVM Electra Neu 1915/xx Phoenix Lite 160HV TP6600 10S Li-poly -/4000W/100A
EDF 120/5000W BVM Bandit Neu 1915/xx Phoenix Lite 160HV TP6600 12S Li-poly -/5100W/105A

More information (links):
* VioFan Instruction Manual

VioFan EVF2 10S/12S Fan Units
The Electric VioFan is presented to the customer in a completely assembled and test run format. Series 10S defines this unit as a 4000W system designed to work with 10S Lithium Polymer cells in series. Series 12S defines the unit as a 5100W system designed to work with 12S cells and Castle Creation 160HV speed controller. The power yield all units is approximately +17 lbs. (7700g) to +19.5 lbs. (8850g) of thrust on an 85F degree day at sea level. Optimally designed inlet and tailpipe systems such as those on a BVM sport jet will allow installed static thrusts of 1.5 to 2 lbs (680-900g) below the bench numbers. Some well designed, but scale inlet systems will suffer a bit more losses in the static condition. However, if the design is as correct as possible, the pressure recovery will be significant as the model accelerates.

A Little History...
The original BVM ducted fan system, the "Viojett" was designed by aerospace propulsion engineer Lee Anderson in 1981 and was the core product in the early days of Bob Violett Models Inc. Several sport and scale jets were developed around the Viojett. Originally powered by a high performance .72 cu. in. K&B engine, the power evolved to the BVM .91 and .96 cu. in. piston engines. For a period of 15 years, the Viojett reigned untouched in the performance arena. Viojett powered scale replicas of the F-86, F-80, T-33 and F-16 won many major scale competitions such as Top Gun, U.S. Scale Masters and the U.S. Nationals. The Viojett design allowed scale size inlets and exhaust nozzles unlike any other available fan unit. The high performance speed contests were always won by the Viojett in a Viper or Aggressor model. The advent of the micro turbine engines into model aviation soon replaced the piston engine driven fan. The turbine offered more power, realistic sound and more reliable operation.

The BVM EVF Advantages
A great "jet like" sound, almost turbine, and much more realistic than piston power or the high squeal of some other very high RPM EDF's. A solid, self centering rotor-to-motor shaft mounting with factory balanced rotor. Super cool operation for the motor and Castle Creations controller. Streamlined exit of electrical wires from the duct, vibration free operation, rigid carbon fiber and aluminum construction. One source for the complete power system and charging equipment. Factory assembled and test run, ready to install in your model. Multiple battery options to fit your model and desired flight profile as well as complete set of instructions to introduce you to Electric VioFan power for your jet.


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