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Emcotec Servo Programmable Match Harness V-Match (1)

Part: EMCA71005-DNRS

Price: $30.00
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 Hitec Rudder Tray Servo Conversion Kit HS-7954SH, HS-7955TGEmcotec Servo Programmable Match Harness V-MatchEmcotec Servo Programmable Match Harness V-Match
The purpose of servo matching is to adjust the center point, end-points and direction of rotation very accurately for each servo. This means that multiple servos connected mechanically to a single control surface can be fine-tuned to operate exactly in parallel, preventing servos working against each other. Servo matching also allows functions to be linked, avoiding the need for two channels at the transmitter.

Example: The left and right flaps can be operated using just one transmitter channel, as the direction of rotation and the servo end-points are adjusted with the V-Match harness. This saves channels, and in many cases makes the transmitter programming procedure much easier.

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (.pdf)

- Fully Adjustable Center Point, End-Points and Direction of Rotation
- Servo Pulse Amplifier for Weak Servo Pulses (Futaba FASST Receiver R6014HS)
- Simple Programming with Included Magnetic Key
- Output Current: 8A Continues, 20A Peak
- Voltage Range: 4V - 8.4V (2S Li-poly)
- Dimensions/Weight: 50mm x 8.4mm x 7.2mm/4.5g

Daisy Chain Matching for Multi Servo Surface Application
 Hitec Rudder Tray Servo Conversion Kit HS-7954SH, HS-7955TG

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