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Emcotec Voltage Regulator Dual BIC 5.9V/20A w/LCD and Data Monitoring V2.0

Part: EMCA13000

Price: $129.00
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Emcotec Voltage Regulator Dual BIC 5.9V/20A w/LCD and Data Monitoring
Manufacturer Emcotec
Type Switching Regulator Dual
Max Input Voltage 16V (Recommended 6-12.6V)
Min Input Voltage 6V (2S)
Output Voltage 5.9V Stabilized
Output Current 4A Continues/20A Peak
Dimensions 78.5mm x 34mm x 31.5mm
Weight 75g
Max #Servos 10-12 Analog, 8-10 Digital
Connector Universal JR/Hitec/Futaba
Applications Airplanes/Helicopters
The Emcotec DPSI BIC (Dual Power System Interface & Battery Information Center) provides your receiver and servos with a stabilized voltage from two independent batteries and allows for optical and acoustical control of all important parameters. The DPSI BIC is the first power supply concept which, in addition to a battery switching functions and a "Low voltage drop out" voltage regulator also contains a LCD display, which provides the user with information about the state of his equipment. The DPSI BIC displays these all important measured values in plain text.

New V2.0 version comes with more powerful voltage regulator (Measuring Shunt was Replaced by a Low Impedance Hall Sensor). Excellent for midsize models (F3A, F3A-X up to 2,5m, Sailplanes, Helicopters).

Besides the battery voltages and the current flow of the connected loads (Minimal, Average, Actual, Maximum Values) the withdrawn capacity and on-time are displayed. Due to the comprehensive information from the DPSI BIC, errors in your on-board electronics can be detected. For examples: high friction push-rods or defective servos can be diagnosed by an increased current consumption. Reduced battery capacities caused by defective or aging batteries can be detected by a low voltage warning.

Dual current supply with regulated voltage for receiver, servos, ignitions and applications of all onboard equipment which is supplied using 5.9V. Electronic failsafe On/Off switch with possibility to use additional optional external switch actuators (pin or magnetic). LCD displays voltage, current, capacity, operating-time, and error indication.

In addition to the visual data provided by the LCD display there is a piezo-buzzer integrated into the DPSI BIC which indicates error information (e.g. low voltage) acoustically, too. The use of Multiplex style pin-and-socket connectors allow for the quick and simple exchange of connector cables and guarantees maximum flexibility. The generous sized heat sink serves for good heat dissipation and allows for high currents of the connected loads. Optional external switches (push-pin or magnetic) allows for use in applications where no direct access to the pushbuttons of the DPSI BIC main unit is possible.

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (.pdf)

(1) Dual BIC Regulator w/LCD
(1) Installation Frame
(2) Installation Brackets
(1) Power Cable Multiplex to 2x JR
(2) Multiplex Male Connectors
(2) M3x20 Installation Bolts & Nuts

Emcotec Terminal S.Bus to S.BusEmcotec Terminal S.Bus to S.BusEmcotec Terminal S.Bus to S.Bus

Emcotec Terminal S.Bus to S.Bus


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