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Anniversary 12th

eStar Aeronca C-3 (Kit)


Price: $150.00
Coming Soon
eStar Aeronca C-3 (Kit)
eStar Aeronca C-3 (Kit)eStar Aeronca C-3 (Kit)
eStar Aeronca C-3 (Kit)eStar Aeronca C-3 (Kit)
eStar Aeronca C-3 (Kit)eStar Aeronca C-3 (Kit)eStar Aeronca C-3 (Kit)eStar Aeronca C-3 (Kit)
51.25" (1300mm)
28.75" (730mm)
25-26 oz. (710-740g)
Good: Neo 400-920, 10x7
Better: Hacker A20 22L, 10x7
TP2100 3S
30mm spinner
C-3 design was derived from the Aeronca C-2. Introduced in 1931, it featured room for a passenger seated next to the pilot. Powered by a new 36-horsepower (27-kilowatt) Aeronca E-113 engine, the seating configuration made flight training much easier and many Aeronca owners often took to the skies with only five hours of instruction. Llargely because of the C-3's predictable flying characteristics. Both the C-2 and C-3 are often described as "powered gliders" because of their gliding ability and gentle landing speeds. It was almost impossible to make a hard landing with an Aeronca because the pilot could easily see his wheels approach the runway. This highly prefabricated kit belongs in the "super scale competition" models category. Once built, the airframe is extremely light and clean but still able to withstand the high loads and stresses associated with aerobatic flight. The manufacturer uses the latest construction techniques including Laser CNC cutting to achieve high strength and low weight. Each part and every detail are meticulously made.

Finally true to scale, faithfully structurally reproduced model. Flies exactly like a real airplane. Selected premium quality balsa and plywood. All the parts interlocked together for easy and fast building. Just assemble and then glue parts together.

Special Features:
- Control surfaces: Ailerons, Elevator and Rudder
- All balsa/ply built-up construction
- Fully illustrated instruction manual
- Laser cut interlocking structure
- Scale landing gear
- Interlocking parts for easy and fast building
- Just assemble and then glue it

More information (links):
* Building Instructions (.doc)

Wing area
Wing loading
: Clark-Y
: 302
: 11 oz/sq.ft.

Aeronca C-3 (Kit) - 5.9MB

Flash Video:

Suggested Equipment:
(1) Hacker A20 22L
(1) Jeti Advance 18 Pro SB ESC
(1) TP2100 3S battery
(4) HS-55 servo
(1) MPJ 30/3mm spinner
(1) APC-Slow 10x7 propeller
(1) Deans connector
(2) 12" Servo extension
(1) Servo Y-harness
(2) 2.5" Diamond light foam wheels

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