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Anniversary 12th

eStar Fi-156 Storch (Kit)


Price: $215.00
Coming Soon
Fi-156 Storch
Fi-156 StorchFi-156 Storch
Fi-156 StorchFi-156 Storch
52.5" (1335mm)
35.5" (905mm)
28-32 oz. (800-900g)
Good: Neo 400-920, 10x7
Better: Hacker A20 22L, 10x7
TP2100 3S
Fieseler Fi-156 Storch was the most advanced in terms of STOL performance, by far. A fixed slats ran along the entire leading edge of the long wings, while the trailing edge, inspired by earlier 1930s Junkers aircraft wing control surface designs, including the ailerons, was a hinged and slotted flap. The wings could be folded back along the fuselage, allowing it to be carried on a trailer or even towed slowly behind a vehicle. The long legs of the landing gear contained oil and spring shock absorbers that compressed about 18" (450mm) on landing, allowing the plane to set down almost anywhere. Special wing enabled the Storch to fly as slow as 32 mph (50 km/h), take off into a light wind in less than 150' (45m), and land in 60' (18m). This highly prefabricated kit belongs in the "Super Scale Competition" models category. Once built, the airframe is extremely light and clean but still able to withstand the high loads and stresses associated with aerobatic flight. The manufacturer uses the latest construction techniques including Laser CNC cutting to achieve high strength and low weight. Each part and every detail are meticulously made.

The Storch will probably always be most famous for its role in Operation Eiche, the rescue of deposed Italian dictator Benito Mussolini from a boulder-strewn mountain top near the Gran Sasso, surrounded by Italian troops.

Special Features:
- Control surfaces: Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator and Rudder
- All balsa/ply built-up construction
- Two piece removable wing w/flaps and scale slots
- Scale clear canopy and plastic cowl
- Fully illustrated instruction manual
- Laser cut interlocking structure
- Scale wire landing gear

More Information (links):
* Building Instructions (.doc)

Wing area
Wing loading
: Clark-Y
: 356
: 13 oz/sq.ft.

Fi-156 Storch - 5.5MB

Flash Video:

Suggested Equipment:
(1) Hacker A20 22L
(1) Jeti Advance 18 Pro SB ESC
(1) TP2100 3S battery
(6) HS-55 servo
(1) APC-Slow 10x7 propeller
(1) Deans connector
(2) 12" Servo extension
(2) Servo Y-harness
(2) 2" Light foam wheels

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