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Anniversary 12th

eStar HM-14 Flying Flea (Kit)


Price: $99.00
In Stock: 2
HM-14 Flying Flea
HM-14 Flying FleaHM-14 Flying Flea
HM-14 Flying FleaHM-14 Flying Flea
30" (750mm)
23" (580mm)
9-10 oz. (255-285g)
Good: Neo 300-1400, 8x3.8
Better: Hacker A20 34S, 8x3.8
TP910 2S
Arguably the first homebuilt airplane, the "Flying Flea" was introduced in 1934. It was successfully demonstrated by its designer/builder, Henri Mignet. With the publication of the plans and instructions soon hundreds of Flying Fleas were being built in homes across Europe and the United States. A temporary set-back occurred when a number of these homebuilt Fleas crashed. Detailed investigation by the Royal Aircraft Establishment in England and the French Air Ministry in France revealed the problems and led to the necessary corrections for safe operation. By 1936 Fleas were again flying and have continued to do so ever since. Variations on Mignet's original design can be found in many countries around the world. The Flying Flea was designed to be an exceptionally easy machine to fly, with no rudder pedals and a simple two-axis control stick. The main forward wing of the two tandem wings, pivots for ascent and descent while the rudder and the dihedral in the wings, takes care of turns. Mignet claimed that anyone who could put together a packing case could build a Flying Flea and anyone who could drive a car could also fly it. This highly prefabricated kit belongs in the "super scale competition" models category. Whole construction is extremely light and clean but still able to withstand high load. The manufacturer uses the latest construction techniques including Laser CNC cutting to achieve high strength and low weight. Each part, every detail are meticulously made.

The Flying Flea was designed to be an exceptionally easy machine to fly, with no rudder pedals and a simple two-axis control stick.

Special Features:
- Control surfaces: Elevator and Rudder
- All balsa/ply built-up construction
- Non-removable wings with scale struts
- Fully illustrated instruction manual
- Laser cut interlocking structure
- Scale wire landing gear

More information (links)
* Building Instructions (.doc)

Wing area
Wing loading
: Clark-Y
: 290
: 5 oz/sq.ft.

HM-14 Flying Flea - 4.9MB

Flash Video:

Suggested Equipment:
(1) Hacker A20 34S
(1) Jeti Advance 08 Pro ESC
(1) TP910 2S battery
(2) HS-55 servo
(1) APC-Slow 8x3.8 propeller
(1) Deans connector
(2) 2.5" Diamond light foam wheels

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