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Graupner Polaron AC/DC Sport Multi Charger w/Balancer (7S/120W x2) Red

Part: GRSJS2004R

Price: $199.00
In Stock: 1
Graupner Polaron AC/DC Sport Multi Charger w/Balancer (7S/120W x2)
Polaron AC/DC Sport Multi Charger
Max Power Output 2x 120W
Input Voltage 11-15V DC, 100-240V AC
Battery Type NiCD, NiMH, Li-poly, Lead, LiFe
Min/Max Lipo Cells 1-7 Cells
Min/Max NiMH Cells 1-14 Cells
Min/Max NiCD Cells 1-14 Cells
Min/Max Pb Cells 1-12 Cells
Charge Current 0.1-8A
Discharge Current 0.1-5A (30W)
Display Information Black/White Touch LCD
Dimensions 204mm x 196mm x 88mm
Weight 1540g
Cooling System Dual Built-in Fan
Interface Mini USB Port
Upgradeable Via USB PC Cable
Special Features Balancers, Multiple Charge Ports
Manual Polaron Sport AC/DC (.pdf)

The Polaron AC/DC Sport (Black/White Display) Multi charger is Graupner's brand new microprocessor-controlled, two-port battery charger with built-in AC/DC power supply for the ultimate in high-power battery charging technology. Fully capable of charging all types of high amperage batteries. Two identical yet independent 120W power output ports combine for a total of 240W of pure charging power with addition of USB 5V/1A output. Each port charges at up to 8A and discharges at 0.1-5A, offering the perfect solution for batteries of all common chemistries, including 1-7S Lithium (LiPo, LiFe and Li-Ion), 1-14 cell NiCd/NiMH and 1-12 cells lead acid packs. Additional features include internal cell balancers, high contrast, touch sensitive, color LCD displays and important warning and safety functions. Designed with a stylish space saving, vertical case, the Polaron AC/DC offers pro level drivers and pilots the most powerful dual-port charging capacity on the market.

Polaron Sport AC/DC is equipped with a touch sensitive 3" graphic Black/White LCD screen and specialized touch keypad, it's a brand new experience in the field of battery charging.

- AC/DC Dual Power Input: 100-240V AC/11-15V DC
- Additional Functions: ESC Programmer, Tire Warmer, Motor Tester
- Two Independent Charge and USB 5V/1A Ports
- Revolutionary, Black/White, Touch Sensitive LCD Display
- Audible Alarm Indicating Process Termination
- Adjustable Charge Current: 0.1A - 8A (120W)

Graupner Polaron AC/DC Sport Multi Charger w/Balancer (7S/120W x2)

Graupner Polaron AC/DC Sport Multi Charger w/Balancer (7S/120W x2)


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