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Great Planes RealFlight Basic RC Flight Simulator (Mode 2)

Part: GPMZ4220

Price: $99.00
Coming Soon
Great Planes RealFlight Basic RC Flight SimulatorGreat Planes RealFlight Basic RC Flight SimulatorGreat Planes RealFlight Basic RC Flight Simulator
The reason why RealFlight has remained the #1 R/C flight simulator for more than a decade is clear. It lets you fly your favorite aircraft through miles of realistic terrain, enjoying unparalleled accuracy in the flight physics while using a controller that looks and works just like your real R/C transmitter. And that is exactly what you will find in RealFlight Basic: Fewer "Bells and Whistles", but everything that makes RealFlight the best at a price anyone can afford.

New RealFlight Basic gives modelers all of the essentials needed for an ultra-realistic R/C flight simulator experience. Along with an excellent variety of aircraft and flying sites to choose from, potential flyers will also enjoy the same flight physics that have made the full version of RealFlight the best selling simulator for the past 11 years! RealFlight Basic features many aircraft and flying fields found in current versions of RealFlight G5 and Expansion Packs-not stripped down, low quality ones. The Basic controller is based on an actual transmitter-unlike those found on similarly priced flight simulators.

RealFlight Basic offers all of the fun, convenience and educational benefits of simulated R/C flying-for less!

Special Features:
- Choose from 47 aircraft and 6 PhotoField flying sites
- Easy navigation using the controller and QuickSelect menus
- Picture-in-picture views of the transmitter and a zoomed-in image
- Control speed and direction of the wind
- Showcases all of RealFlight's unparalleled flight physics

Flash Video:

Compare the features of RealFlight Basic to G5
G5 Basic
RealPhysics 3D™ Yes Yes
Flight Environment PhotoField™ & 3D Terrain PhotoField only
Number of Aircraft More than 75 (unlimited with Expansion Packs and downloads) 47
Airports Over 30 6
Camera Views Unlimited Ground View only
Adjustable Parameters Unlimited Aircraft and Environment Adjustability Wind only
Basic Controller 6-Channel
Futaba® Controller with Digital Trims 8-Channel
On-screen Radio Yes Yes
Binocular Yes Yes
NavGuides™ Yes
Viewport Yes
Variometer Yes
Built-In Transmitter Interface Yes
Upgradable with Expansion Packs Yes
Float Flying off water Yes
Night Flying Yes
Aircraft & Airport Editors Yes
Training aids, Virtual Flight Instruction Yes
Multiplayer (Internet & Split-Screen) Yes
Voice Chat Yes
On-screen chat Yes
Screen shots, and flight recording Yes
Depth of field effect Yes
Real Rendering™ Yes
Combat Yes
Multiplayer events Yes
Head Tracking Yes
Dynamic Background Objects Yes
Streamers Yes

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