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GROB G 103C Twin III Scale Sailplane (ARF)


Price: $895.00
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GROB G 103C Twin III Click on picture to enlargeClick on picture to enlarge
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142" (3600mm)
64" (1630mm)
9.5-10 lbs. (4300-4540g)
5,7 channels

Designed by Burkhart Grob, the G 103c III uses a wing plan based on the very successful Discus family of sailplanes. The Grob 130c Twin III is an excellent choice for a first, large, scale sailplane due to its great handling characteristics and its non-retractable landing gear. You will be impressed by the quality of this ARF. All the surfaces are covered and pre-hinged and the gel-coated fiberglass fuselage is very nicely finished. The included hardware package and spoilers make this ARF a very complete kit and very fast to finish. One of the unique features of this ARF is its wing construction. The wing is foam core balsa sheeted with both fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforcing. The leading edge is actually fiberglass. This gives the Grob performance characteristics similar to a fully molded wing while still remaining very light and relatively inexpensive. The elevator servo mounts inside the vertical tail fin in its own plywood tray. The Grob is a delight to fly, whether you are using a winch, aero tow or even a high start. We recommend that you exchange the solid steel wing joiner for a much lighter carbon fiber or fiberglass and save a lot of weight.

Special Features:
- Control surfaces: Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder and Spoilers
- White gel-coated fiberglass fuselage with pre-hinged canopy frames
- Decal set for nice scale appearance
- Two piece wing, easily removed for transport and storage
- Unique fiberglass leading edge
- Wing joiner located in fiberglass spar
- Wing and tail surfaces covered in Ultracote
- All seams are hand sealed
- Two piece clear canopy with fiberglass frames
- Includes all necessary hardware and set of spoilers
- Wings with pre-cut spoilers openings

More information (links):
* Tape Hinges Installation

Airfoil : HQ 3013
Wing area : 995
Wing loading : 22 oz/sq.ft.
Empty weight : 136 oz. (3880g)

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