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Handlaunch Master Class 1 DVD


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Handlaunch Master Class 1
The first of three films in a series designed to help you learn about the latest flying, building, and design trends in the sport today.

- Tuning For Smooth Flying
- CG Tuning
- Radio Program Optimization
- Launch Mechanics
- Practice Techniques
- Rudderless Flying
- Flight Mode Trimming
HandLaunch Master Class 1
Bruce Davidson, national F3K glider champion, leads you on a journey from preparation and set up to the latest discus style wing tip launch techniques. This tutorial includes radio programming tips, center of gravity adjustments, aileron differentials, and how to keep your glider from having hardware failures. Slow motion video shot from many angles helps you see his finely-tuned launch mechanics so you can copy and practice his technique. You will also learn some great air reading and thermaling tips from the extensive flight demos Bruce flies with full commentary.

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Handlaunch Master Class 1

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