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Hitec Maxima 6 G2 AFHSS 2.4GHz Receiver

Part: HRCL7524

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Hitec Maxima 6 G2 AFHSS 2.4GHz Receiver
Receiver Maxima 6 G2 AFHSS
Manufacturer Hitec
Special Features G2 AFHSS
Modulation 2.4GHz SmartScan
Channels 6
Range Full Range
Voltage 3.7-9V
Dimensions 32mm x 21mm x 11mm
Weight 6.5g
We are pleased to introduce our new, high response, low latency micro receivers, the 6-ch. Maxima 6 and the 9-ch. Maxima 9. Designed to work with all Hitec G2 Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Technology radios and our digital servo line, these additions to our receiver family deliver the ultimate in high resolution response and reliability. Their full range capability combined with lightning fast 7ms refresh frame rates and secure hold and fail-safe functions make them the perfect micro receivers for both intermediate and advanced pilots who require bullet-proof performance. The Maxima 9 has a dual diversity standard antenna (non-BODA) while the Maxima 6 is engineered with the dual diversity mini-boosted omnidirectional antenna (M-BODA).

Pair these with Hitec's Aurora 9X, Flash 8 and/or Flash 7 (Hitec Flash Tx are due early 2014) radio systems for the ultimate in radio control technology.

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