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JETI DS-12 Red
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Incidence Digital Meter Adjustable 8" (205mm)

Part: ESM828

Price: $35.00
In Stock: 40
Incidence Digital Meter/Ruler Adjustable 8'' (205mm)Incidence Digital Meter/Ruler Adjustable 8'' (205mm)Incidence Digital Meter/Ruler Adjustable 8'' (205mm)
Adjustable Incidence Meter
This Incidence Meter is ideal for measuring, storing and transferring inside and outside angles when building. This highly accurate tool offers easy-to-read measurements via a large LCD display and integrates an 8" stainless steel blade with a steel locking knob. Practical function buttons make it ultra-convenient for setting and transferring measurements instantly. With a range of 360 degrees and an accuracy of 0.3 degrees, you will know your measurements are spot on.

- Large digital angle readout
- Measures and transfers angles
- Holds measurement for transfers
- Full LCD Display - Battery included


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