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Jason Shulman wins F3A pattern NATS 2004!!!

Here is the set-up I used at the Nats:

Airplane: Composite-ARF Impact
Radio: Futaba 9ZAP
Servos: Futaba: Ail: 9151, Elv: 9650, Rud:9151
RX: Futaba 148 DP
Motor: Hacker C-50 14XL 6.7:1 Acro
Controller: Master-90-Acro
Prop: APC-E 22x12
Batteries: Thunder Power 10S3P 6000 mAh Duralite 6V reg with 730 2-cell Kirby's Kustom (last minute) Graphics Wt: 11lbs RTF

The airplane was finished just before I left for the Nats, but having flown the Rev-Pro all year, it was easy to get adjusted to the Impact. It actually performed better than the Rev-Pro, so it gave me a bit of a confidence boost once I had it set-up. The plane was 2.2 ounces over 11lbs when I left home, but I used a Tru-Turn spinner instead of the supplied Carbon one, and had a bit of extra "e;junk"e; here and there.


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