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Jeti Advance 90 Pro Opto Brushless ESC


Price: $179.00
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Made In Czech Republic
Jeti Care Services
Jeti Care Services
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Jeti Advance 90 Pro Opto
ESC Advance 90 Pro Opto
Manufacturer Jeti
Applications Heli/Airplanes/Sailplanes
Special Features Advanced Card Programming
Cont/Max Amp 90/100A
Cells NiMH/NiCD 14-30 cells
Cells Li-poly/LiFe 4-10/4-12 cells
Voltage 12-42V
Programming Fully Programmable
Type/Max BEC (A) -
Max #Servos/V -
Dimensions 65mm x 55mm x 17mm
Weight 90g

Jeti makes one of the easiest to use brushless motor controllers with the most features. It is very easy for you to set up the different functions. The controllers automatically detect the number and type of batteries to set the low voltage motor cutoff point even for Lithium batteries.

Basic programming of Advance -- choosing Brake ON or OFF and Hard or Soft timing -- can be done without the Programming Card. Detailed programming of the Jeti Advance PLUS is done by using the "Program Card", carry it in your pocket or your field box, it enables all the advanced programming functions. Just move the jumper connectors to the value you select.

With the Programming card you can program or select the following:
1. Battery Type: NiMH, LiFe or Lithium
2. Motor Cutoff Voltage
3. Hard or Soft Cutoff
4. Propeller Brake: OFF, Medium or Hard
5. Timing: Auto, Low for normal motors or High for Outrunners
6. Acceleration: Low, Medium or High

- Very smooth throttle response
- Superb operation with Outrunner or Inrunner motors
- Automatic motor cutoff with automatic detection of the number and the type of battery cells
- Safety cutoff when using Lithium batteries that prevents accidental destruction of the Lithium battery
- High frequency brake with non linear hard or limited braking action
- Automatic self-calibrating when you turn on your transmitter
- Automatic motor cutoff when battery voltage is low

Jeti Advance 90 Pro Opto


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