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JR DMSS RG712BX XBus 2.4GHz Receiver w/Telemetry

Part: JRPR03597

Price: $85.00
JR DMSS RG712BX XBus 2.4GHz Receiver w/Telemetry
Receiver JR DMSS RG712BX
Manufacturer JR
Special Features DMSS, XBus Dedicated
Modulation 2.4GHz w/Telemetry Data
Upgradeable No
Satellite Rx Support Yes/1
Channels 7 PWM/1 XBus
Range Full Range
Voltage 4-8.4V (2S Li-poly)
Dimensions 48mm x 26mm x 15mm
Weight 15g
The all new XBus system uses JR's own serial bus data instead of PWM (Pulse Wide Modulation) to communicate with XBus products such as servos. Control signals are sent in a serial manner to all channels, with individual servos recognizing their own data from receiver.

The most significant new feature of the RG712BX is it's introduction of the JR DMSS path diversity antenna system for outstanding signal reception, and increased telemetry signal syncing. With path diversity antennas, a remote antenna is not required, but an RA02TL remote may be added for additional antenna diversity, further enhancing signal reception. The RG712BX allows you to simplify your antenna setup, have the security of full range operation, while still enjoying the benefits of built-in telemetry and XBus functionality

Non XBus servos can still be used in conjunction with a channel decoder in serial connection, or plugged directly to the PWM ports of the receiver (avoiding the XBus port).

JR Dual Modulation Spectrum System (DMSS) 2.4GHz protocol offers a secure radio link that combines DSSS and FHSS capabilities into a wide-band transmission system that includes high speed response and high resistance against RF noise.

- With DMSS, this high sensitivity receiver is not easily affected by inter-modulation interference
- DMSS telemetry system is capable of feeding back information such as receiver battery voltage
- Path diversity antennas provide full range signal reception and telemetry data without the use of remote receiver
- Receiver operation is confirmed by way of LED's
- Supports transmitter sensing of fail safe


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