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Landing Gear Carbon Fiber

Price: From $9.00 to $115.00
Landing Gear Carbon FiberLanding Gear Carbon Fiber
Carbon Fiber Landing Gear replaces or upgrades your existing aluminum or wire gear. Made from molded, woven carbon fiber cloth and fiberglass composite for lighter weight, greater strength, and flexibility.

This is a great way to reduce weight and add strength to your landing gear.

CF Landing Gear Application Weight A B C D W/Fuselage
Gear 6" (150mm) 10-20 oz. (285-550g) 11g 15mm 45mm 80mm 150mm 20mm
Gear 7/1/2" (190mm) 20-30 oz. (550-850g) 21g 35mm 45mm 110mm 190mm 25mm
Gear 10" (250mm) 2-4 lbs. (910-1820g) 30g 30mm 65mm 125mm 250mm 27mm
Gear 12 1/4" (310mm) 5-6 lbs. (2270-2725g) 60g 25mm 75mm 145mm 310mm 30mm
Gear 12" (300mm) 7-9 lbs. (3170-4085g) 55g 20mm 90mm 155mm 300mm 30mm 2-piece
Gear 20 1/2" (520mm) 10-14 lbs. (4540-6355g) 130g 30mm 155mm 190mm 520mm 35mm 2-piece
Gear 21 1/4" (540mm) 16-22 lbs. (7265-9990g) 220g 40mm 200mm 245mm 540mm 43mm
Gear 21 3/4" (550mm) 26-29 lbs. (11800-13165g) 190g 40mm 210mm 280mm 550mm 45mm
NOTE: Gear 300mm/520mm is 2-piece

Landing Gear Carbon Fiber

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