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LF-107 Lunak Scale Sailplane (ARF)

Part: REILF107

Price: $895.00
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LF-107 Lunak
LF-107 LunakLF-107 Lunak
LF-107 LunakLF-107 Lunak
157.5" (4000mm)
72.5" (1840mm)
13.5-14.5 lbs. (6130-6580g)
Originally built in the Czech Republic as a trainer in the 1950's the Lunak quickly developed a reputation as an impressive performance glider. There are still a few of them in existence today. From its beautiful finish to its three control surfaces per wing, this 4 meter Lunak LF-107 is just as impressive. Right out of the box, the quality of this ARF is apparent. The fiberglass fuselage is finished in yellow gel coat which matches the Ultracote covered wings and tail surfaces beautifully. As we have come to expect from Reichard, the obeechi sheeted foam core wings and tails are perfect. The tail surfaces and flaps even have lightening holes for maximum weight reduction and responsiveness while still maintaining strength. Just like the full sized glider, the wings have split ailerons and one flap per side. The bottom hinged flaps can be lowered almost 90 degrees for incredible braking. The included hardware package make this ARF a very complete kit and very fast to finish. All of the, "extras" like the fuselage servo tray and wing servo covers are included. An experienced builder can finish the LF-107 in just a few evenings. For the intermediate pilot, the Lunak LF-107 is very satisfying to fly. With its large wingspan, E211 airfoil and camber changing ability this plane has a broad speed range with no bad tendencies. As you can see from the video, it happily performs inverted flight maneuvers as well. Whether aero towing or electric powered (See Video), you can enjoy hours of flying with this superb four meter highly aerobatic model. We recommend that you exchange the solid steel wing joiner for a much lighter carbon fiber or fiberglass and save a lot of weight.

With its fiberglass fuselage and its fiberglass reinforced, balsa sheeted foam wings this scale, very unique sailplane can handle full aerobatic routine. The careful use of composites with competition balsa, creates a good light structure that will hold its shape for a long time.

Special Features:
- Control surfaces: Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder, Flaps and Spoilers (Optional)
- Yellow gel-coated fiberglass fuselage
- Decal set for nice, scale appearance
- Two piece wing, easily removed for transport and storage
- Unique fiberglass leading edge
- Wing joiner located in fiberglass spar
- Wing and tail surfaces covered in Ultra-cote
- All seams are hand sealed
- Clear canopy with painted fiberglass frame
- Includes all necessary hardware
- CNC Pre-cut openings for Spoilers

More information (links):
* Tape Hinges Installation

Wing area
Wing loading
Empty weight
: E 211
: 1490
: 21.5 oz/sq.ft.
: 175 oz. (4950g)

Suggested Equipment:
(3) HS-5485HB servo (tail, towline release)
(6) HS-5085MG servo (ailerons, spoilers)
(1) Jeti electronic switch DPS 40
(2) 48" Servo extension
(2) 36" Servo extension
(2) 12" Servo extension
(2) 6" Servo extension
(1) Servo Y-harness

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Product Reviews:

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Excellent Aircraft!
Timothy Briggs (New Prague, MN) 11/13/2014 9:41 AM
The Reichard Lunak is a wonderful aircraft to build and fly. I converted mine to electric power and I'm using it as an aerial photo platform. I used a Hacker A50-16L-V3 motor and a folding Cam Carbon 20x8 running in a yoke with +5 degrees of twist. The fiberglass fuse is beautifully finished as are the wings. The wings have a unique method of construction with foam cores, carbon stringers and fiberglassing on the INSIDE of the full balsa sheeting. Outside the bare balsa is covered with cub yellow Oracover. The wings appear to be formed under pressure in a mold as the fiberglassing cures. They are amazingly tough yet light. With all my gear and batteries, the plane is around 23 lbs yet gets off the ground in about 30-40 feet. In the air it is amazingly stable yet responsive. I can cruise at around 45 mph pulling 12-15 amps from 6s batteries. There isn't much in the way of instructions but anyone with some experience in building RC planes shouldn't have any issues. A wonderful aircraft and impressive in flight.