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Monokote Flat Iron-on Covering

Price: $16.00

When you have spent many hours building your model, don not settle for less than the best when you cover. MonoKote's superior shrink and adhesion make it the easiest plastic covering to apply. Once applied, its special adhesive gets a grip that not even years of accumulated exhaust residue can break. MonoKote is also one of the most puncture- and scratch-resistant films on the market; qualities you will find in all of the rich, vibrant colors available. Given that it is priced comparably to coverings that offer less, it doesn't make sense to use anything other than MonoKote.

More information (links):
* How to cover with Iron-on covering

Width: 24" (625mm)
Length: 72" (1830mm)

Flat Monokote
TOPQ0506 Sky Blue
TOPQ0507 Insignia Blue
TOPQ0508 Black
TOPQ0510 Olive Drab
TOPQ0511 Dove Gray
TOPQ0512 Cream
TOPQ0516 Tan

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