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O.S.Max GF40 4-Stoke Gasoline Engine

Part: OSMG0800

Price: $795.00
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O.S.Max GF40 4-Stoke Gasoline Engine
O.S.Max GF40 4-Stoke Gasoline EngineO.S.Max GF40 4-Stoke Gasoline Engine
O.S.Max GF40 4-Stoke Gasoline EngineO.S.Max GF40 4-Stoke Gasoline Engine
O.S.Max Gas Series
O.S.Max GF40
Type Gasoline, 4-Stroke
Displacement 2.438 cu in (39.96cc)
Bore 1.574" (40mm)
Stroke 1.251" (31.8mm)
RPM Range 1,800 - 9,000
Output (HP/rpm) 3.75/8,600
Weight (engine only) 41.3 oz. (1170g)
Crankshaft Thread 5/16"-24
Propeller Range 18x8-20x10 (19x8 Suggested)
Included Spar Plug, Muffler
Electronic Ignition, Manual

The GF40 is the latest gasoline engine from O.S., and it gives fliers of popular 40cc class aircraft everything they want most - durability, efficiency, easy operation and super-strong performance. Instant throttle response makes the GF40 an outstanding choice for 3D flying. When pilots need more power ASAP, this engine delivers! Modelers asked for a conventional, rear-mounted carb and rear valve, and O.S. listened. The carburetor is custom-designed specifically for this engine by Walbro. O.S. also takes advantage of liner-less cylinder construction for the GF40, and machined the head and cylinder as one piece rather than joining them with bolts. Benefits of the overall cylinder design include lower weight, improved cooling, and exceptionally efficient exhaust scavenging.

The GF40 gasoline engine is available with or without a Pitts-style E-6040 muffler. The muffler includes anti-crush tubes for the mounting bolts and webbing reinforcement at high-stress points, for a long life of performance-enhancing operation.

- Rear-mounted carburetor, provides several performance benefits
- Better head cooling, for more consistent engine runs and high performance
- Requires shorter standoffs, which results in more secure installation (mounting) and less vibration overall
- Very simple, direct installation of the throttle and choke linkages
- The GF40's liner-less cylinder head lowers weight, improves cooling, and contributes to increased efficiency
- Unique 1-piece crankcase design eliminates gaskets and enhances strength and precision

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (.pdf)

(1) O.S.Max GF40 4-Stroke Engine
(1) Electronic Ignition IG-04
(1) Muffler F-6040 (OSMG1561)
(1) O.S.Max/Walbro Carburetor
(1) Spar Plug CM-6

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O.S.Max GF40 4-Stoke Gasoline Engine

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