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Performance Tuning for Sailplanes DVD


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Expert Paul Naton shows you how to get the most performance from your glider and radio set up.

- Tuning Tips for Slope and Thermal Flying
- Learn to Build your Model Right the First Time
- Learn to Use a Center of Gravity Stand
- Learn to Use Analog and Digital Incidence Meters
- Program Computer Radio for Maximum Flexibility
- Learn Properly Set Center of Gravity and Decalage
- Learn to Optimize V-Tail Sailplanes
- Proper Tow Hook Location for High Launches
- Dive Test Flight Demos

Performance Tuning DVD
Learning to correctly set up both your radio program and sailplane can be challenging and frustrating. There is a lot of misinformation out there about sailplane tuning and not many pilots really understand what's going on with their planes.

Our new DVD Performance Tuning taught by expert Paul Naton will help you learn how to get your plane to fly at peak performance with easy to follow step-by-step proceedures. We guarantee this new educational program will shave months off of your learning curve! The tips and techniques you will learn can be applied to any type of model slope or thermal, HLG or foamy.

About 80% of all tuning and radio set ups happen before the first flight and Paul will teach you how to build straight and rig your plane properly including tricks for precise servo and pushrod installations. Paul will also walk you through his techniques for setting up the center of gravity, wing and elevator decalage, and radio set ups for basic thru 6 servo gliders.

You will also learn how to optimize your V-tail sailplane by setting proper decalage, rudder differential, and other parameters. Flight demonstrations showing center of gravity tests, trimming, the "dive" test, flap settings, and adverse yaw correction conclude the 2 hour program.

The Performance Tuning DVD will help anyone get the most from their equipment and will take the fun level of their soaring experience to new levels.


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Greatly improved my glider's performance!
Jim Shelton (Santee, CA) 1/18/2012 8:17 PM
I've been flying sailplanes off-and-on for 30 years. I'd figured I knew what I needed to know to get good thermal performance from my gliders. But I realized after watching this DVD that I was way off on my CG and aileron differential settings. After making the suggested adjustments my Omega 1.8 thermals and handles far better than it ever has!