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Precision Propeller/CG Pro Balancer

Part: SIGSH900

Price: $40.00
Coming Soon

An out of balance propeller is often the cause of poor engine/motor performance, and even radio problems due to excess vibration. Wrong center of gravity (Especially Tail Heavy), will turn your model from an eagle into a turkey.

Just a small change in balance point can make the difference between a solid performer and an airplane you have to fight just to get back down in one piece. Even if you only fly pre-built ARF models, do not overlook this critical step. Together with the differences in engine and radio selection, your new model may be far out of balance and needs to be checked.

With the SIG PRO-BALANCER, you can quickly balance your model and propellers from one simple device. The Pro-Balancer will handle nearly every model in your fleet (fuselage widths up to 11" (280mm) and any size of the propellers. The Pro-Balancer uses carbon steel, laser cut SIG plywood and is equipped with ball bearings so it will last for years.


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