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Great Planes RealFlight Expansion Pack 7

Part: GPMZ4117-DNRS

Price: $19.00
In Stock: 2
RealFlight Expansion Pack 7
Expends the capabilities of your RealFlight simulator!

If you enjoy the incredible authentic R/C simulation that RealFlight offers, wait till you see what RealFlight Add-Ons can do!

This exiting group of additional features takes the simulation to new level, giving you more flying fields, the ability to alter many aspect of the terrain and the surroundings, and more than double airplanes to pilot. The excellent photo- and computer generated graphics, the Doppler-correct, CD-quality stereo sound, the literally hundreds of possible parameter settings available, they are still here. But Add-Ons will give you an incredible amount of added variety.
New Features:
There are 17 aircraft choices in all, plus three new flying sites.

And with the aircraft choices and flying sites included in Expansion Pack 6, you also get two incredible bonuses. The first is a free upgrade to G4.5 for G4 owners. The second is access to all 24 flying sites and all 70 aircraft choices originally included on RealFlight Add-Ons Volumes 1-6!

(13) New Airplanes:
Aero Shrike Commander, Aeroworks Ultimate 20-300, ElectriFly Evader EDF, ElectriFly Extra 330SC, ElectriFly Nieuport XI ,ElectriFly Rifle, ElectriFly Silhouette 3D, Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbird ,Multiplex FunJET ,Multiplex Merlin ,Paper Airplane ,3D Hobby Shop AJ Slick, Yak-55

(3) New Helicopters:
Curtis Youngblood Rave 450, Heli-Max Novus 125 CP, Heli-Max Novus 125FP

(3) New Flying Fields: 3D Area 81 Obstacle Course, 3D Barnyard Shooting Gallery, PhotoField Alaska Float Fly

(1) VFO:
ElectriFly VFO

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