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Soaring Master Class 3 DVD


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Soaring Master Class DVD
Explanations for best competition and sport tuning and thermaling.

- Detailed Programming Setup
- Elevator, Aileron, Flap Use
- Thermal Hunting
- Circling Tactics
- Attitude Reading
- Aileron Differentials
- Real Life CG Testing
- Elevator Feel
- Calm Air Flying
If you want to learn the nuances of R/C soaring, hang around world class pilots and listen to every word they say and watch what they do. If you don't have access to those few pilots who possess that raw championship talent, then get new DVD Soaring Master Class 3, which is the next best thing to having a pro as your personal teacher.

We shot hours of thermal flights over the course of 3 days with Mike wired up to the camera talking about every move he made in the air and why he did it. What is really cool about this DVD is that we had a HD video camera on his new F3J Aspire which was recording the flights synced up to the ground camera. We also put a yaw indicator on the nose of the plane so you can see how adverse yaw effects flight in real time.

Mike demonstrates how to set up your rudder mixing and differentials for coordinated turns and you see those effects on the yaw angle of the glider as he changes the mixes. The onboard camera and Mike's zen-like commentary while thermaling really makes this training DVD unique.

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Soaring Master Class DVD

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