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Spektrum DX6i 2.4Ghz DSMX, Rx AR6210 Radio

List: $210.00
Price: $165.00
You Save: $45.00 (21 %)
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Radio Combo
Spektrum DX6i Air/Heli (Mode 2)
Spektrum DX6i Air/Heli (Mode 1)
* Mode 2 Standard US Throttle Left
* Mode 1 Throttle Right

More information (links):
* DX6i Instruction Manual (.pdf)

DX6i Binding Video - 5.1MB
DX6i ModelMatch Video - 7.2MB
DX6i Latency Video - 5.4MB
DX6i AMA Position Video - 4.4MB

With the DX6i you will be able to fly anything from micro electric helis, to big gas-powered IMAC planes without regard to frequencies and free from fear of interference. Calling this kind of thing "revolutionary" just doesn't cut it. It is nothing less than a quantum leap in RC technology that will change how you fly forever. Never again will the availability of a frequency pin dictate when you can take off. Never again will you have to ask, "What channel are you on?" Never again will your flying experience be interrupted by model-generated RF noise, interference from commercial broadcast towers, or anyone on another RC system The 2.4GHz DSMX (Digital Spread Spectrum Modulation 2nd Version) DUID (Global Unique Identifier) system has 80 Channels and 4.2 billion unique codes, so interference from another radio or 2.4GHz device is virtually impossible. On top of that the DX6i radio and AR6210 receiver uses 2 channels for dual redundancy with automatic error correction. The receiver will only listen to the channel and code broadcasted from your radio.

You will say goodbye to channel concerns at RC sites. Glitching and range impairment from motor, servo, ESC and mechanical RF "noise" will be a thing of the past. And no form of channel selection will be necessary on your part. Whether you're a , foamie or micro-heli fan, you can fly with the no-pins, no-crystals, no-glitches, no-interference freedom and security of 2.4GHz Spektrum DSM technology.

System Features
Channels: 6 Channel
Modulation: 2.4GHz DSMX
Mode: Heli/Airplane/Sailplane
Model Memory: 10
Receiver: AR6210 6 Channel
Tx Battery: 1500mAh (4)AA
- Based on popular Spektrum DX7
- Heli and Airplane software
- Model type, model name, model copy
- Compactable with DSM2 and DSMX receivers
- Dual and exponential rates
- Trainer system compatible with Spektrum and JR radios
- Adjustable stick length
- Throttle trim only affects idle position
- Roller/Selector
- Integrated timer
- Digital trims for precise adjustment
- Switch assignment
- Servo Monitor

Airplane Specific Features
- Aileron to rudder mixing
- (2) P-Mixes
- Flap-to-elevator mixing
- Flaperon mixing
- Delta wing mixing
- Aileron differential
- V-Tail mixing
- Dual Rate and Exponential

Helicopter Specific Features
- Graphic throttle curves
- Graphic pitch curve
- Gyro programming
- Flight mode switch
- Throttle hold
- Revolution mixing up and down
- One programmable mix
- Supports 120 degree CCPM mixing
- Independent digital trim setting for each flight mode

DSMX - Security and Speed
Unlike most first-of-its-kind innovations, DSMX is not an unproven concept. It is based on the exact same Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMX (Digital Spectrum Modulation) that RC car racers as well as micro electric and parkflyer modelers have been enjoying for at least two years now. Like DSM2, DSMX provides an impenetrable radio link that's immune to every known type of RC interference. And because it operates at 1024 bit resolution, it provides the kind of locked-in response that will have you feeling more connected to your model than ever before.
The big difference with DSM2 is that, in addition to absolute precision and complete freedom from interference, it processes its signal faster than any high-end 72MHz PCM system. In fact, many of the pilots who have tested the DX7 describe DSMX's response time as almost telekinetic. You'll feel more connected with your model than every before.

AR6210 - Spectacular Signal Clarity
AR6210 dual receiver that comes with the DX6i is key to the system's incredibly robust RF link. Comprised of a compact main receiver that is linked to an even smaller satellite receiver by a 6" lead, the AR6210 acts as a pair of extremely sharp RF "eyes" that each take in a slightly different view of the signal environment. Information from both receivers is then processed by patent-pending Spektrum software that takes information from each receiver and combines it to form the most vivid "picture" of an RF signal than has ever been possible in RC before.

ModelMatch and ServoSync - Extra Safety and Precision
DSMX and the Spektrum receivers aren't the DX6i's only marvels. Spektrum engineers have come up with two more patent-pending innovations that you'll wonder how you ever lived without-ModelMatch and ServoSync.
ModelMatch puts an end to the "wrong model" syndrome. Almost everyone that flies RC has, at one time or another, crashed, or seen someone crash, because they neglected to verify the model name on the transmitter display in their preflight check. With the DX6i a unique code is embedded in the signal so that if the wrong model's name is on the screen, the model's controls simply won't respond.

ServoSync is an ingenious new feature that actually re-sequences the bits of data the DX6i transmits based on the type of mixing you select. So, if you have a dual elevator on your big Extra or a 3-servo CCPM setup on your heli, ServoSync will see to it that those servos working together receive their impulses together. The result is more synchronized servo movement which translates into an undeniable, locked-in feel when you fly.

John Adams "Ever since Spektrum introduced the DX6 parkflyer radio, customers have been hounding us for a full-range, full-function system. And while it took over a year of development and testing, I can assure you the DX7 offers a bulletproof radio link to the limit of visual range in all types and sizes of aircraft. Our team of testers has recorded thousands of successful test flights in over 200 different aircraft, from giant-scale airplanes, gas-and glow-powered helicopters, unlimited class sailplanes, all types and sizes of electrics and even in turbine-powered jets. Testing was conducted in various environments throughout the country by some of the most experienced pilots in the nation to ensure your DX7 will perform for you in your aircraft."

John Adams
Technical Director Spektrum/ Horizon Hobby
Mike McConville "To test the DX7's response, I first flew my 33% Edge 540 with the conventional 72MHz PCM system focusing on response-critical maneuvers. When I felt "tuned in," I then switched to the DX7. Instantly the new Spektrum radio felt every bit as connected. When doing rolling harrier circles, the Edge actually started to climb meaning that the Spektrum system was slightly ahead of my timing. Spektrum engineers told me that the DSM2 was faster than PCM and, after several aggressive 3D flights, I believe them!"

Mike McConville
IMAC Champion Pilot
Steve Rojecki "I've been flying my electrics with the DX6 for nearly a year now without a single glitch. When I heard that the new DX7 would allow all types and sizes of models to be flown with DSM technology, I was really excited. I was even more excited to learn I could use the DX7 with my current fleet of DSM-equipped electric aircraft and not have to change receivers. My AR6000 parkflyer receivers are 100% compatible. Plus, the additional DX7 capabilities-like faster response time, ModelMatch, ServoSync and advanced programming features-all work flawlessly with the AR6000, making what was already a great parkflyer receiver even better."

Steve Rojecki
Commercial Pilot

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