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Spirit Stabilization System (Heli Flybarless & Fixed Wing)


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Spirit Flybarless System
Spirit Flybarless SystemSpirit Flybarless SystemSpirit Flybarless System
Spirit is a device for stabilizing R/C models such as flybarless helicopters. Spirit features include electronic paddle simulation, vibration logging and support for various Tx/Rx types as well as a rudder gyro for those who want to continue using a mechanical flybar. Thanks to flybarless mechanics, the system improves efficiency and maneuverability of a helicopter and its stability while also extending flight times.

Because Spirit uses the most advanced technology, your model can be controlled very precisely even under harsh conditions such as strong winds while maintaining a constant pirouette rate.

The Spirit Flybarless System is perfect for pilots of all skill levels and all helicopter disciplines including use as a pure tail gyro on flybarred machines. With Stability Mode, the helicopter will return to an upright level attitude whenever the sticks are released or, with the flick of a switch, the helicopter will level and climb in either of two Rescue Modes.

Spirit accepts all current servo types including 1520us, 960us, and 760us at anywhere from 50Hz to 560Hz. All current swashplate variants are also supported.

The machined, anodized aluminum case speaks to the quality of the product. With one of the smallest footprints available, the Spirit is a match for machines from 250mm to 800mm.

With support for PWM, OpenTX, Futaba S-BUS, PPM, Spektrum DSM2/DSMX, Jeti EX Bus, and UDI/SRXL/SUMD, you can fly the Spirit Flybarless system with any current radio system. Spirit can be used for all electric or combustion powered helicopters.

- Jeti DC/DS radio system integration & Wireless programming
- Easy configuration with direct USB connection and setup wizard
- Paddle mechanics support
- Paddle simulation
- Vibration Spectrum analysis for model diagnostics
- 32bit ARM processor a 6-axis MEMS sensor
- Flight log with events recorded
- Support for PWM, Futaba S-BUS,PPM, Spektrum DSM2/DSMX,Jeti Ex-BUS, SRXL/SUMD receivers
- 3 programmable banks allow for separate setups
- Made in the Czech Republic

The Spirit can be updated anytime there is a change to the firmware. Adjustments can be made to the machines flight characteristics using the software and the profile can be saved to share or reload later.

Technical specifications:
- Dimensions: 32mm x 26mm x 14mm
- Supply Voltage: 3 - 15V (2S Li-Poly compatible)
- Maximum Roll & Pitch Speed: 2000°/s
- Maximum Tail Speed: 2000°/s (typical)
- Servo Frame Rate: 50Hz - 560Hz selectable
- Tail Servo Output: 1,52ms/0,96ms/0,76ms (narrow pulse) selectable
- Weight: 19g (without cable loom)

(1) Spirit Flybarless System
(3) Cables for Receiver Connection
(1) Mounting Tape
(1) Spirit USB Adapter

Screenshots from Jeti Dupex Radio System Programming Sequence

Spirit Flybarless System Spirit Flybarless System Spirit Flybarless System

Spirit Flybarless System Spirit Flybarless System"Spirit Flybarless System


Spirit Flybarless System Updates

Version 2.2 for Spirit FBL

Major configuration improvements:

Brand new OpenTX (FrSky) integration:
- Full integratioIn can with OpenTX-based transmitters, similar to JETI Duplex integration.
- Computer is not needed at all!
- Configuration anywhere and anytime directly in your radio.
- Works with a different Receiver protocols - PWM, PPM, S-BUS.
- Support for FrSky Taranis and Horus transmitters.

JETI Duplex Integration:
- Support for full configuration of the Channel Mapping.
- Support for special functions configuration.
- Support for programming Failsafe.
- Telemetry Vibes value is calculated so that output is comparable to the Vibration Analysis.

Governor improvements:
- Support for variable Autorotation Bailout settings in the Advanced/Expert window.
- Optimization of the spoolup procedure when RPM signal is not clean.
- "RPM Sensor data are lost" event is not logged during spoolup.
- "Governor was activated" event logged also during Autorotation Bailout and Bank Switching.
- Fixed kick for ESCs with very fast response on Autorotation Bailout activation.
- Throttle output is smoothed when TC is under 50% to prevent violent spoolup.
- Autorotation Bailout was reworked so it can achieve Requested RPM accurately.

Spirit Update 2.2 (Nov, 2016)
* Download Firmware Spirit v2.2

Jeti Device Integration File
* Spirit FBL Device Integration (.bin)

Setup Software
* Software for Windows
* Software for OS X
* Software for Linux

Jeti Integration Guide
* Jeti Integration Guide


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