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Store Display Rc Tomcat 2.5E Glass Electric Sailplane (Receiver and Battery Ready) Yellow

Part: ESSDT25G-682

Price: $1,690.00
In Stock: 1

Store Display, Brand NEW RcRCM Tomcat 2.5E Glass electric sailplane battery and receiver ready. Model has been expertly built at our shop for local competition. Recommended battery: 3300 3S

Tomcat 2.5E is part of a new generation of compact, precision, full composite, hollow molded sailplanes. This new generation of sailplanes are designed and built to be extremely lightweight with great strength and full competition capabilities. Clean, efficient designs are sure to satisfy the most demanding pilots. RcRCM Tomcat 2.5E is completely prefabricated from the factory and ready to fly. The 2-piece, hollow molded, carbon fiber reinforced wing has a little bit of dihedral with beautifully curved leading edges and an incredibly strong, full Carbon Fiber, square wing joiner. The gel-coated, Fiberglass-Carbon reinforced, 2,4GHz friendly fuselage has enough room to accommodate your electric drive system up to 4S battery. The strong and lightweight canopy gives easy radio and battery access. If you have the mixing capabilities, combinations of ailerons and flaps can be used to significantly increase the soaring and speed capabilities. The elevator bellcrank with pushrod has been already pre-installed as well as CF reinforced servo wing pockets are pre-finished. The two piece, composite, hollow molded wings and full flying stabilizers are easy removable. All surfaces are pre-painted in the molds for flawless external finish. The whole model uses live hinges and wipers for all control surfaces.

Condition of item: Store Display, Never Flown, Brand NEW

More information:

(1) Rc Tomcat 2.5E Glass $645.00
(1) AXi Cyclone 46/920 motor $129.00
(1) Jeti Advance 40 Pro SB brushless ESC $75.00
(4) MKS HV6130H servo (ailerons, flaps) $312.00
(2) MKS DS6125E servo (rudder, elevator) $172.00
(1) BB 38/5/8mm folding spinner $21.00
(1) Aeronaut 13x10 turbo folding propeller $14.00
(1) Deans connector $3.00
(2) 18" Servo extension $10.00
(2) 6" Servo extension $8.00
(1) Esprit Velcro Strap $3.00
(1) Building Services $300.00

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