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Eagle Tree Video On-Screen Display Pro (OSD Pro)

Part: ETS-OSD-Pro

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Video On-Screen Display Pro (OSD Pro)

More information (links):
* OSD-Pro Instruction Manual (.pdf)

The OSD Pro is a powerful, modular, fully configurable Video/Audio On-Screen Display (OSD) device, providing graphics, voice announcements, alarms, acoustic variometer with total energy compensation, home arrow, return to home, failsafe, "RADAR", waypoints, a flight simulator for testing, and many other features. The information displayed can be as simple or advanced as you like, depending on how you configure the display.

To use Video On-Screen Pro System, you need the OSD Pro Expander, and eLogger V3 or Data Recorder. To make full use of the OSD Pro, you also need GPS Expander. Several optional sensors and accessories are available from Eagle Tree to further enhance your OSD Pro, such as Barometric altimeter, Pitot airspeed sensor, Temperature sensors, and many more.
OSD Pro Configuration: Eagle Tree's drag and drop Configuration software makes it easy to configure the OSD to display what you want to see, when and where you want to see it. As few or as many parameters as you need. Our software lets you configure the OSD with up to 12 data parameters per screen. Also, the same parameter can be displayed on multiple screens. A spare servo channel can then switch between screens, or turn OFF the OSD entirely.

Displayed Parameters:
- GPS Parameters (Distance to Home, Home Arrow, GPS Altitude, Ground Speed)
- Electrical (Volts, Amperage, Rx Volts, Servo Current, Milliamp-Hours, Watts)
- Performance (Airspeed, Altitude, Variometer, Temp, RPM, G-Force, Jet ECU)
- Receiver (Dropped Frames/Fades/Packets w/Spektrum or JR Flight-Log compatible Rx)
- Call Sign, and many more

RADAR Serves Two Purposes:
The direction the icon is point indicates your present course. And, the location of the icon on the screen provides a synthetic map, similar to RADAR: The center of the screen marks the takeoff point, in a "Bird's Eye View" and the plane icon moves around the screen indicating your model's location. The maximum distance and the "up" direction is configurable.

Video On-Screen Display Pro (OSD Pro)

Multiple Battery Monitoring:
Need to monitor more than one battery pack with your OSD Pro, such as your video battery, main battery, and BEC? OSD Pro now supports monitoring of up to three battery packs, directly on the OSD Pro screen.

Video On-Screen Display Pro (OSD Pro)

Voice Alerts/Variometer:
Imagine hearing the status of your model through ear buds connected to your video receiver! The OSD Pro fully supports voice warnings and status updates, via the audio channel of your video transmitter. Most of the available parameters can be programmed to provide voice alerts. For example, you can program the OSD Pro to periodically update you on altitude once a minute: Altitude 3-9-1 Feet and, you can also program a low voltage warning WARNING - Voltage 12-point-5 Volts. Voice alerts can be combined with your camera's microphone, so you do not lose motor or other flight sounds when there are no alerts.

Additionally, a varying tone Variometer with Total Energy Compensation (completely configurable from the on-screen menus) is included.

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Video On-Screen Display Pro (OSD Pro)
Video On-Screen Display Pro (OSD Pro)

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