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Waco YMF-5D 120 (ARF)

Part: GPMA1295

Price: $495.00
In Stock: 44
Waco YMF-5D 120
Waco YMF-5D 120Waco YMF-5D 120
Waco YMF-5D 120Waco YMF-5D 120
Waco YMF-5D 120Waco YMF-5D 120Waco YMF-5D 120Waco YMF-5D 120
72" (1830mm)
56.5" (1435mm)
12.75-13.75 lbs. (5780-6230g)
Good: E-Flite Power 110, 18x10
Better: Hacker A60 16M, 20x13
Engine: .90-1.2
EM5000 8S/10S
Some aircraft designs are timeless. First introduced in 1934, its look proved so popular that it was re-introduced in 1986, over fifty years later. The number of sleek, fast aircraft boomed during the Golden Age of Aviation, but none could compare with the Waco. Today, the Waco YMF-5D offers the same timeless good looks and the benefits of modern technology. The Waco offered more than good looks. It was used as a 3-seat trainer as well as a mail carrier. Parts to create both versions are included and simple to install. The Waco's smooth lines and signature trim scheme were instantly recognizable even at the smallest country airfields. A slow flyby is just right for showing off the Waco's impressive size, stable handling and outstanding looks. A scratch built or kit-built Waco could take months to complete, but you can have this sport-scale ARF assembled and in the air in just a few days. Installing the replica radial takes a few minutes, but the cowl blister detail is factory-applied and ready for admiration. What is more, there are no screw holes to distract from the cowl's good looks. A hidden ring secures it "invisibly!" The main gear is a scale version of the '34 original. Other painted fiberglass parts include wheel pants, struts and cabanes and fairings to ensure smooth transitions from the fuselage to the wings and landing gear. Each aileron has a dedicated servo, ensuring swift, dependable response, shorter linkages and easier installation and adjustment. All main sections feature built-up balsa and plywood, covered in genuine MonoKote film. The interplane struts and cabanes are preformed and pre-painted.

Long considered the classic biplane, the versatile Waco YMF-5D has assumed many never failed to roles, and has impress!

Special Features:
- Control Surfaces: Ailerons, Elevator and Rudder
- Lightweight balsa/ply laser-cut construction
- Step-by-step instruction manual
- One piece, bolt-on wing design
- Painted fiberglass interplane struts
- Tailwheel set, fuel tank, engine mount included
- Scale fiberglass strut fairings and wheel pants
- High-quality pre-painted fiberglass cowl
- Covered in authentic MonoKote

More information (links):
* Building Instructions (.pdf)

Wing area
Wing loading
Empty weight
: Semi-symmetrical
: 1465 (83
: 23-24 oz/sq.ft. (40-43 g/
: 145 oz. (4105g)

Flash Video:

Suggested Equipment:
(1) O.S.Max FS-120S-E engine
(1) APC 16x8 propeller
(1) Hacker A60 16M
(1) Aluminum mount A60
(1) Jeti Spin Pro 99 Opto ESC
(2) TP5000 5S battery (5S + 5S)
(1) Jeti voltage regulator SBEC
(6) HS-5485HB servo
(1) HS-425BB servo (w/engine)
(1) APC-E 20x13 propeller
(1) Deans connector
(1) Deans serial connector 2S (inline)
(1) 36" Servo extension
(1) 24" Servo extension
(2) 18" Servo extension
(1) 12" Servo extension
(2) Servo Y-harness
(2) Velcro strap (Esprit)

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