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Eagle Tree Wireless Flight Data System 900MHz (Airplane/Heli)

Part: SEA-FLIGHT-900

Price: $345.00
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More Information (links):
* Flight Data Manual (.pdf)
* Spektrum/JR Data Interface (.pdf)

You've got a lot invested in your RC Plane, Heli or High Powered rocket. Whether you fly nitro, electric, or gas, with our Flight Data Acquisition products, you can stop guessing about your bird's performance and condition, and find out what's happening up there, either after the flight or in real time! Simple to set up and operate, our complete systems install easily to provide data at your fingertips!

Spektrum Compactible:
In cooperation with Sprektrum, Eagle Tree is pleased to announce support for wireless telemetry and logging of all the AR9000 and JR R921 RF link performance parameters. No other flight receiver offers the reporting capability of the JR R921 and AR9000, and only the Eagle Tree telemetry system provides the receiver data to your real time. Fly with confidence knowing that your radio link is performing optimally! This helps you to determine which of your antennas needs to be repositioned. With our Seagull Glide Soaring System or Seagull Flight System and the new AR9000/R921 Data Interface cable, any or all of the receiver parameters can be displayed on the Wireless Dashboard Display, and also logged for post-flight analysis.

The system gives you access to the following parameters:
- Receiver Holds - displays a count of the number of Failsafe Holds that have occurred
- Receiver Lost Frames - displays how many frames have been missed during your flight
- Receiver Antenna A, B, Left and Right Fades - displays fade (poor signal) counts of each antenna (up to four)

The Seagull Wireless Dashboard system provides up to 20 parameters of data from your model LIVE, conveniently displayed on the scrollable pages of our LCD Data Dashboard. And, audible beeps can be easily programmed for high or low alarm values on the data, letting you set alarms for critical system parameters, like low battery, high temp, stall speed, high RPM, and so much more!

And now you can add our micro GPS expander module to the system, which gives you in-flight and recorded position, course, ground speed, GPS altitude, distance to pilot, UTC, and more, in addition to all the other Seagull features. With the combination of Seagull and GPS, you'll never lose another plane or rocket in the weeds! Just go to the last position displayed on the dashboard (using a cheap hand-held or other GPS unit) and your plane will be there! Also, software to chart out your flight in 3D is included free!

The USB Flight Data Recorder system is included in this system. This tiny onboard unit records up to 16 channels of data from your model, and comes with Windows software for flight download, playback and graphing.

System includes:
LCD Dashboard/Receiver, Onboard Black Box and Transmitter, Pitot tube, 4 channel movement cables, RPM sensor, Temperature sensor, Windows CD with Virtual Instrument Display and Graphing, and Instructions.

Seagull Wireless Flight Dashboard System Features:
- Includes Recorder with features described in the right hand column
- Operates at 900MHz spread spectrum, FCC certified (Check local regulations)
- FCC version has 200mW output power for +1 mile range
- Fully compatible with all known flight RC radios, no need to replace your existing electronics
- Onboard components weigh only an 1-2 oz. (28-56g) depending on model and accessories
- Small self-contained LCD Telemetry receiver attaches simply to your radio, or is monitored by your pit crew
- On-board components are powered from your receiver battery
- 65536 unique transmission IDs (programmable) means collision problems are extremely unlikely at your site
- Fully programmable audible alerts can be set on data parameters
- Dashboard is a USB peripheral: plug the receiver into your laptop while to get full screen live display on your laptop
- Ultra-light stainless whip antennas

USB Flight Data Recorder Features:
- Records: Airspeed, Altitude, RPM, Temperature, 4 Servo Channel Movements, Glitches, Receiver Voltage
- With accessories available below, monitor amps, pack volts, G-Force, EGT, and more
- Logged channels: 16
- Airspeed from 9-290 mph (14-465 km/h)
- USB Live Mode for real time bench monitoring
- Altitude to +25,000 feet (+7620m)
- USB Plug and Play - No new drivers needed
- Fully Compatible with Win 98SE, ME, Win2K and XP™
- Lightweight, approx 1.5 oz. (43g) with unit and cables
- Simple and quick installation and removal
- Retains flight data without battery
- Graphical flight playback in real time
- Excel™ compatible data output
- Ultra low power consumption, around 35mAh
- Built-in status LED indicates battery level on power-up
- Adjustable capture rate
- Powerful built-in graphing
- Expansion port for future enhancements

- Comes with 4x the onboard memory of the original recorders, lossless data compression, for longer storage time
- Improvements in airspeed, altitude monitoring mean greater accuracy, and no interference from transmitter
- Increased voltage and current accuracy

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