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AerobTec Altis Telemetry Converter FF (Futaba, FrSky)


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AerobTec Altis Telemetry Converter (Futaba, FrSky)
The AerobTec Telemetry Converter is an interface for all Altis Devices: Altis V4, Altis V4+, Altis Micro, Altis GPS. It is an essential interface for all Altis Devices when Futaba and FrSky telemetry protocols are being used. The AerobTec Telemetry Converter selects only the important data from the wide range of information obtained during the flight of the aircraft. The essential information for Altis altimeters is the altitude and variometer. The Altis GPS however works also with time, date and your GPS coordinates.

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* Instruction Manual (.pdf)


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