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Aeronaut Propellers CAM Electric/Glow (Tractor/Pusher)

Price: From $6.00 to $20.00
Aeronaut Propellers CAM Electric/Glow

A new range of propellers from well known German manufacturer Aeronaut. Propellers can be used for glow engines and electric motors. All designs are based on the outstandingly successful range of Cam Carbon folding propellers.

The thin blade profile has been thickened, and the hub transition area strengthened. Conjunction with the carbon fiber reinforced material the result is a propeller with a relatively thin, low-drag section, very good torsion stiffness and low weight.
Propeller Size
CAM Prop 7 x 7
CAM Prop 9 x 4
CAM Prop 9 x 5
CAM Prop 9 x 6
CAM Prop 9 x 6.5
CAM Prop 9 x 7
CAM Prop 9 x 9
CAM Prop 10 x 5
CAM Prop 10 x 6
CAM Prop 10 x 6.5
CAM Prop 10 x 7
CAM Prop 10 x 7 Pusher
CAM Prop 10 x 8
CAM Prop 10 x 10
CAM Prop 11 x 6
CAM Prop 11 x 7
CAM Prop 11 x 8
CAM Prop 11 x 8 Pusher
CAM Prop 11 x 9
CAM Prop 12 x 6
CAM Prop 12 x 7
CAM Prop 12 x 8
CAM Prop 12 x 8 Pusher
CAM Prop 12 x 9
CAM Prop 12 x 10
Propeller Size
CAM Prop 13 x 6
CAM Prop 13 x 8
CAM Prop 13 x 9
CAM Prop 13 x 9 Pusher
CAM Prop 13 x 10
CAM Prop 13 x 11
CAM Prop 13 x 12
CAM Prop 14 x 6
CAM Prop 14 x 7
CAM Prop 14 x 8
CAM Prop 14 x 9
CAM Prop 14 x 9 Pusher
CAM Prop 14 x 10
CAM Prop 14 x 11
CAM Prop 14 x 12
CAM Prop 15 x 8
CAM Prop 15 x 9
CAM Prop 15 x 10
CAM Prop 15 x 12
CAM Prop 15 x 14
CAM Prop 16 x 7
CAM Prop 16 x 8
CAM Prop 16 x 10
CAM Prop 16 x 11
CAM Prop 17 x 10
CAM Prop 18 x 10
Propellers were developed using modern CAD systems in order to obtain accurate profiling with precisely calculated washout along the blade. Molds were CNC-machined to ensure that both blades are absolutely identical as well as dynamic balanced.

Aeronaut Propellers CAM Electric/Glow

Product Reviews:

(2 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
Awsome Prop!!
tim pritchett (Woodruff, SC) 9/18/2015 10:57 AM
I've been running APC 16x10's on my OS 120 AX. I replaced it with the Aeronaut 16x10. The wider blade slowed the plane on downlines, while increasing thrust in the uplines. Resulted in much more consistant speed. And, the Aeronaut weights an amazing 1.5oz. less than the APC! two clicks on elevator trim to bring the nose back down. You have got to try these!! It's a great value too, at only a couple of bucks more than the APC, for carbon fiber!
Amazing props!
Alfred Scott (Lindale, TX) 6/28/2013 9:20 AM
Hi, I love these props. I started using one on my beefed up Hawksky. I use a 250w motor with a 4s battery, and wanted even more performance. I found out about aeronaut props from another guy online. WOW, slow and smooth, or full throttle, great flying. I get longer flying time from my batteries too. A great product. Thanks Esprit!!