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Airplane/Sailplane Electric Spoilers (L+R Pair)

Price: From $79.00 to $130.00
Airplane/Sailplane Electric SpoilersAirplane/Sailplane Electric Spoilers

Spoiler Length Width Height Full Height Weight w/Servo (Pair)
Spoiler 185/10mm 185mm 15/9mm 10mm 31mm 60g/HD Red 70g
Spoiler 250/10mm 250mm 15/9mm 10mm 31mm 70g/HD Red 80g
Spoiler 300/16mm 300mm 12/19mm 16mm 46mm 115g/HD Red 125g
Spoiler 440/16mm 440mm 12/19mm 16mm 46mm 140g/HD Red 160g

The HD Red Spoilers come red anodized with stronger, heavy duty electric motor and gear assembly.

In aeronautics a Spoiler (sometimes called a Lift Dumper) is a device intended to reduce lift in an aircraft. Spoilers are plates on the top surface of a wing which can be extended upward into the airflow and spoil it. By doing so, the spoiler creates a carefully controlled stall over the portion of the wing behind it, greatly reducing the lift of that wing section. Spoilers differ from airbrakes in that airbrakes are designed to increase drag while making little change to lift, while spoilers greatly reduce lift while making only a moderate increase in drag.

Our new electric spoilers have built-in proportional servo that eliminates the need for mechanical linkage and simplifies installation. Spoilers come in Right and Left configuration with 16.5" (420mm) wire extension and universal JR/Hitec servo connector. Both units can be connected via Y-Harness to your receiver or plugged to two separate channels for independent control.

Our all Aluminum spoilers are used by gliders to control their rate of descent and thus achieve a controlled landing at a desired spot. An increased rate of descent could also be achieved by lowering the nose of an aircraft, but this would result in an excessive landing speed. However spoilers enable the approach to be made at a safe speed for landing.

Airplane/Sailplane Electric SpoilersAirplane/Sailplane Electric Spoilers

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Airplane/Sailplane Spoilers (L+R Pair)
Price: From $55.00 to $85.00    
Airplane/Sailplane Spoilers (L+R Pair)

Product Reviews:

(1 Rating, 1 Review) Average Rating:
Easy Install (Unknown) 5/28/2010 12:48 PM
I have used these spoilers twice and both times worked prefect. Easy to install and operate. Warning notice comes with spoilers that excessive use of the motor will reduce the spoilers useful life. They operate a bit slow for competition but great club spoilers. Well worth the price. Suggest building balsa box around spoiler as covering will not ahear to the metal housing.