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Drone Parachute Rescue System SafeTech ST60-X 4.9kg (10 3/4 lbs.)

Price: $325.00
(Ships in 1-2 Weeks)
Drone Parachute Rescue System SafeTech ST60X 4.9KgDrone Parachute Rescue System SafeTech ST60X 4.9KgDrone Parachute Rescue System SafeTech ST60X 4.9Kg
Opale Introduces Groundbreaking Parachute Rescue Technology
Thanks to its new technology, the parachute is ejected and deployed in less than 0.8 second, with a deployment height between 2 and 5 meters. Unlike the competitor's systems, the SafeTech does not apply a permanent pressure on the parachute, which guarantees a safer ejection, faster deployment, and longer parachute shelf life, without the need of repacking it every week. A simple and fast attachment method allows universal mounting on all of the current machines on the market.

Modern, Heavy-Duty Design & Construction
The rescue parachute attachment lanyard is made of Aramid/Kevlar, ensuring a rupture resistance of 300kg/661 lbs. The lines and the strap are knot-free, which allows a 100% mechanical resistance and an outstanding finish, for an optimal lifespan. The parachute is made of the same quality standards of those used in ULA rescue parachutes. The fabrics have a silicon coating, with a really low mass (only 32g/sq.m), that offers an extremely light. system

Brand new parachute geometry was especially developed in order to offer the lightest rescue system with a small footprint, stable recovery and opening efficiency. You will benefit from a low sink-rate with a maximal impact energy of 66J for a 4.9kg/10 3/4 lbs. drone weight. All from a rescue parachute kit that only weighs 220g/1/2 lbs.

Safety, Security and Reliability
Being explosives free makes air transport and maintenance routine, easy, and safe. SafeTech prevents the uncontrolled explosion risk common in today's rescue systems. Being free from permanent pressure means better shelf life and fast, efficient deployment. A fuse free system means no useless battery weight, optimized deployment time, and none of the risk associated with Li-poly batteries.

It's clear to see, that in any situation, SafeTech technology offers the best safety and reliability standards to protect your drone, with a very competitive price.

Weight Range kg/lbs. 1.5/3.3 2/4.4 2.5/5.5 3/6.6 3.5/7.7 4/8.8 4.5/10 4.9/10.8
Rate of Decent (m/s) 2.9 3.3 3.7 4.1 4.4 4.7 5 5.3
Impact Force (J) 6 11 17 25 34 44 56 66

Ejection Tube : 150mm x 60mm
Weight : 220g (1/2 lbs.)
Parachute Area : 1.8 sg.m
Parachute Fabric : 32g/sg.m with Silicone Coating
Lanyard : Kevlar Aramid 300daN (300kg)
Operational Voltage : 4.8V to 7.2V

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (.pdf)

(1) SafeTech ST60-X Ejection Tube
(1) Rescue Parachute 1.8 sq.m
(1) HD Spring with Ejection Piston
(1) Parachute Retention Cover
(1) Kevlar Aramid Lanyard
(1) Servo with Release Pin
(1) Removable Safety Pin


Drone Parachute Rescue System SafeTech ST60X 4.9Kg


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