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Elite Servo Overload Protection & Signal Booster SFuse F6A 6/50A (4)


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Made In Czech Republic
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Elite Servo Overload Protection & Signal Booster SFuse 6/50A (1)Elite Servo Overload Protection & Signal Booster SFuse 6/50A (1)

SFuse is designed to protect the on-board power supply system in the model and increase the receivers immunity to interference that may be communicated via the signal wires. Sfuse is connected between the servo and the receiver, on each servo in the model.

SFuse not only protects the receiver and power system, but also offers other advantages appreciated in models with gasoline engines, where there is a lot of interference, and in models with longer power cables. SFuse is great when you are using fast servos that need additional capacitance on power supply.

SFuse 6A is based on a resettable polymer fuse that is rated for a continuous current up to 6A and a pulse current is up to 50A. Today's servos do not generally reach such high current values and therefore the fuse is activated only in case of servo failure.

SFuse contains an amplifier for servo pulse which stabilizes the voltage level of the servo signal to 5V output. Increasing the range between logical levels increases the immunity to interference from external sources. The signal amplifier is further equipped with an input servo signal filter which filters out interference and unwanted signals that are transmitted over the wires to the servo. The amplifier is unidirectional and does not transmit further interference from the servo back to the receiver.

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (pdf.)

Current: 6A Continues/50A Peak
Operational Voltage: 5V to 8.4V (Max 10V)
Dimensions: 23mm x 8mm x 6mm
Weight: 5g

Elite Servo Overload Protection & Signal Booster SFuse 6/50A (1)


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