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Emcotec Electronic Magnetic Switch DPSI 10V/7A Nano

Price: $35.00
In Stock: 5
Part: EMCA11090-100
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Emcotec Electronic Magnetic Switch DPSI 10V/7A Nano
Emcotec Nano Switch
Model DPSI Nano 10V/7A
Operating Voltage 3.5-10V
Max Voltage 10V
Max Power 70W
Max Amp 7A Continuous/20A Peak
Weight 4g
Dimensions 50mm x 9mm x 5mm

The DPSI Nano is super lightweight magnetic switch suitable for 7A continuous current (20A peak). Due to its high current rating, low weight and its compact dimensions, the DPSI Nano is suitable for narrow sailplane fuselages as well as RC cars or RC boats. The faceplate contains an integrated LED to indicate the ON/OFF status of the switch.

Magnetic field used to turn ON/OFF magnetic switch easily penetrates covering, fiberglass or carbon fiber, so no installation holes are needed.

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (.pdf)

Emcotec Electronic Magnetic Switch DPSI 10V/7A NanoEmcotec Electronic Magnetic Switch DPSI 10V/7A Nano

Product Reviews:

(1 Rating, 1 Review) Average Rating:
Fantastic Receiver Switch
brian neumann (Sterling Heights, MI) 2/13/2022 6:29 PM
I’ve been using this switch in my Nitro Rc Boat for 5 years now to switch the receiver power on/off. Mounted to inside of hull using good servo tape in a wood 26” hydroplane. I race it against 5 other boats on an oval course at 65 mph. The water gets rough during a heat, my boat flips over at times, & has been hit during a race. This switch has taken some abuse w/o failing & superior to a Dubro style bulkhead mounted switch holder & standard power switch many boats use. The mechanical switches tend to corrode & fail often in boats. This magnetic switch prevents these issues w/o mechanical contacts & if it does fail, the receiver doesn’t loose power. It is smaller/compact, lighter weight, and can be moved. Also there’s 1 less hole to seal/waterproof on a boat. On my set-up I can’t visually see the exact switch location. I put a sticker on my the exterior of my hull marking where to place the magnet. The switch works best when the magnet is next to/over the switch.