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Endless Lift 1 DVD


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- Slope flying across bridges in the Florida Keys over open ocean!
- Sloping in formation with huge buzzards.
- Hand Launch thermaling at the Kitty Hawk National Monument.
- Flying at the Washington Monument, Washington D.C.
- Heavy-air sloping at Cape Cod National Seashore.
- Mountain thermal flying in Maine.
- Amazing Full-Scale Aero-Towing shots of the 15 Meter Nationals in Pennsylvania
- Handlaunching from ice fields at 10,000 feet in the Montana Rockies.
- Spectacular lift at infamous Eagle Butte, Washington State.
- Vintage footage of downhill car flying from Maul, Hawaii
- Speed runs at Heavens Gate, a secret monster slope in Baja, Mexico.
- Sloping a huge Volcanic caldera at Crater Lake, Oregon.
- And of course killer footage of California's famous Torrey Pines with scale ships and slope racers and much more.......

If you have ever dreamed of packing up your planes, throwing them in the car, and taking off-cross country in search of perfect lift , then this film is for you. Endless Lift has received rave reviews from glider guys around the world.

You will follow expert R/C soaring pilot Paul Naton on a once-in-a-life-time 30,000 mile flying adventure around the United States. This professionally produced high quality DVD showcases unusual and spectacular flying sequences from every corner of the nation. See unbelievable R/C soaring action like gliding over bridges, slope flying in formation with a hundred buzzards, handlaunch flying off a glacier in Montana, and other crazy stunts. "Endless Lift" also features a digitally mastered sound track to compliment the great soaring scenes.

Make sure you watch the online Endless Lift preview trailer available in both Windows Media 9 and QuickTime formats and be sure to read the reviews and customer comments page.

This film is guaranteed to amaze and inspire anyone involved in R/C soaring. Even non-flyers, kids, girlfriends, and wives will enjoy this video adventure story.

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