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Fiberglass Cloth and Tape

Price: From $6.00 to $8.00
Fiberglass Cloth and TapeFiberglass Cloth and Tape
Fiberglass Cloth Size
Fiberglass Cloth 3/4 oz./sq.yd. (25g/sq.m)
Fiberglass Cloth 2 oz./sq.yd. (65g/sq.m)
Fiberglass Cloth 5 oz./sq.yd. (140g/sq.m)
Fiberglass Tape 2"x5' (50 x 1525mm) 3 oz./sq.yd.
Fiberglass Tape 2"x5' (50 x 1525mm) 6 oz./sq.yd.

1 sg.yard (0.85 sg.m)

Now builders have a new choice when it comes to high-quality finishes. Esprit Model now offers a selection of light, medium, and heavy fiberglass cloth sheets that are perfect for any aircraft or boat application, use them for building from scratch or simply reinforcing structures. The material is compatible with all popular polyester resins, epoxy resins, and CA adhesives.

3/4 oz. cloth:
Sheeted wood/foam surfaces, Fiberglassing
2-3 oz. cloth: Light Fiberglass repair
5 oz. cloth: Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Fuselage or Boat hulls repairs, also good for wing joint reinforcements

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