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Futaba BR-3000 Battery Checker/Balancer/Voltmeter

Part: FUTBR3000

Price: $49.00
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Futaba BR-3000 Battery Checker/Balancer/Voltmeter
With its ability to accurately show battery voltage levels, the Futaba BR-3000 Battery Checker is a great "peace of mind" accessory and a convenient way to keep tabs on battery packs.

The Futaba BR-3000 can check the state of various battery packs used as your model power source. Battery pack total voltage and remaining capacity are displayed on a bar graph and in percentage of the capacity.

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (.pdf)

- Quickly and legibly displays the voltage of battery packs
- Total voltage and remaining capacity results are shown on a bar graph and as a percentage
- Checks 2-7 cell Li-Fe, Li-Poly and Li-Ion packs, as well as 4-7 cell NiCD and NiMH packs
- Monitors individual cell voltage for each cell of a lithium battery pack can also be displayed
- Requires no external power source required
- Automatically balances lithium polymer battery packs

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