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Futaba T6J S-FHSS 2.4Ghz, R2006GS Radio

Price: $195.00
In Stock: 4
Futaba 2.4Ghz S-FHSS T6J, R2006GS Radio
Futaba 2.4Ghz T8FGA/FGH, Rx R6008HS Mode SelectableFutaba 2.4Ghz S-FHSS T6J, R2006GS Radio
Futaba 2.4Ghz S-FHSS T6J, R2006GS RadioFutaba 2.4Ghz S-FHSS T6J, R2006GS Radio
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* Instructions Manual

In S-FHSS mode, the 6J's frame rate is just 6.8ms, a response speed unmatched by any other 6-channel flight system. But the 6J isn't just about speed; it's also one of the best values you'll find anywhere.

It's an easy and natural step up from a 4-channel system. And if you already own a 6-channel, it's a solid investment with a range of high-end features that goes far beyond what you'd expect. Start with 15-model memory. Throttle and pitch curves for airplanes as well as helis. Electronic swash ring for helis, as well as four swashplate options.

And with the blazing speed, absolute affordability and unequaled value, the 6J also offers the rock-solid security and dependability of Futaba FHSS technology.

What makes Futaba's 2.4GHz system different?
  • Channel Shifting - Means that interference is virtually impossible. Futaba's system only occupies an individual frequency for 2 milliseconds!
  • Stronger, More Robust Link - - Futaba's system doesn't need redundant receivers. Instead, it uses a combination of Channel Shifting and Dual Antenna Diversity (DAD) to provide a robust, highly dependable link between transmitter and receiver.
  • Pre-VisionTM - Looks ahead for potential problems when scanning incoming data and applies sophisticated error correction techniques - resulting in a system that gives the user a solid, impenetrable connection with his model.
  • Custom-Developed Technology - - Futaba uses custom IC chips that have been designed specifically for radio control. With over 30 years of R/C system experience, Futaba knows it's important to make the investment in research and development to assure quality, reliability and safety. The FASST system is a result of extensive development and testing and it's the only system good enough to carry the Futaba name.
Specifications System Features
Stick Mode from 1 to 4
Channels: 6 Channel
Modulation: 2.4GHz S-FHSS
Mode: Heli/Airplane/Sailplane
Model Memory: 15
Receiver: R2006GS 6 Channel
Tx Battery: 1500mAh (4)AA
- Heli and Airplane software
- Dual rates on ailerons, elevator and rudder
- Exponential rates on ailerons, elevator and rudder
- End points adjustments
- Trainer system compatible with Futaba radios
- Adjustable stick length
- Power down range checking
- Throttle-smart fail-safe system
- Digital trims for precise adjustment
- Switch assignment
- Changeable throttle stick

Airplane Specific Features
- Programmable mixing
- 5-point throttle curves
- Flaperon mixing
- Aileron differential
- V-tail mixing
- Elevon mixing

Helicopter Specific Features
- 5-point throttle curves
- 5-point pitch curve
- Gyro programming
- Electronic swash ring
- Throttle hold
- 4 swash plate types

Futaba 2.4Ghz S-FHSS T6J, R2006GS Radio If you scroll by the function you want, no problem; you can navigate through menus forward and backward with the same ease.
Futaba 2.4Ghz S-FHSS T6J, R2006GS Radio Most of the 6J's mixing functions can be assigned to the switch you prefer, so you can adjust the control setup to your style of flying.
Futaba 2.4Ghz S-FHSS T6J, R2006GS Radio A big 40 x 30 LCD offers more information and easier viewing at a glance. You can see model name, number and type, voltage, modulation (and more) on the home screen; push SELECT and you see the timer!
Futaba 2.4Ghz S-FHSS T6J, R2006GS Radio The 6J's rotary knob can be used for a fully proportional 6th channel, fine-tuning hover-pitch or scale flaps. It also leaves room for an added programmable mix you can activate with the flip of the switch.


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